(griffin's 2013 BotCon adventure)


I was in the Wednesday Class, so these are photos from that session.

The big class, of about 60 people.

The materials at the tables - tools (which we don't keep), instruction book (which we do keep), sorting tray, tape (not sure what that was for), and solvent in the glass to clean the paint brushes.

Soon after 9am, the toy was revealed - Blastcharge from the Warpath mould, using the new Strika head.

Pete from BotCon was there at the unveiling, so that he could tweet the figure before anyone in the room could.

The tank mode.



The robot head was up later in the day, to show people what face paint to use.


The toy was originaly planned to have a fully moulded plastic flag, but only four could be produced, which they gave away with a raffle.  The rest of us were giving parts to build a simpler looking flag.

Bio of Blastcharge, from the instruction book.

The boxes of toys arrived.  We were instructed that we weren't allowed to leave with the toy until it was constructed.  We were not permitted to just take the un-made toy, which some people have done in the past to sell on ebay.

As soon as I got my bag of bits, Dispensor was already inside to liberate and construct his new minion.

The different mould trees, which had to be cut and trimmed.

After all the pieces were cut from the trees and trimmed, and all the metal bits (screws, pins, spring) were sorted as well.

The arms and half of one leg built.

Both arms and legs built, and now the hardest part, the torso.  There were a few pins that had to be hammered in, which the staff had to do.

All five parts built, including the gluing of the missile launcher. (note for next time - wait at least a day for the glue to fully set before putting missile into launcher, as the glue vapour damanged the plastic of the missile)

With all limbs attached, Dispensor's new minion kneeled before his new master.

In tank mode.

Sticker sheet and flag pole bits.  I built the flag, but left the stickers, as I was not too keen on painting the figure myself, and can't put the stickers on before it is painted.  I don't have a steady hand, and only wanted the experience of building a Transformers toy, not painting one.  I'll get someone else to paint it for me... but I did paint two of the tank treads though, just to see how I could go.  Just that little bit of black enhanced the toy a great deal.

The completed flag.

A group shot of Blastcharge with Warpath (the original mould), Beast Machines Blastcharge, and Hardhead (because I think this mould would look good as Hardhead).

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