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- Food Glorious Food -

Each year my reports have Easter Eggs hidden in them, and it is only fitting that one of them this year is food related....  and boy did I go through a lot of food this year.

So, without further ado, I present to you my world-famous, patent-pending, 12-day American weight-gain diet.

Day 1 - Friday June 21st

Combos - yummy. Big Dippers - a waste, with only 6 sticks which didn't even use up one of the two sauces. Chocolate Flipz - not as good as the white fudge variety.  Almond Joy pieces - very nice coconut flavoured Smarties/M&M type of candy.  Raspberry M&Ms - unusual.

Three different BK burgers - Rib fillet, Carolina Whopper, Alaskan Fish.

Dennys - sample platter (onion rings, deep-fried cheese sticks, chicken strips), pancakes, Bourbon burger with fries.

Heart Attack Grill burger.


Day 2 - Saturday June 22nd

Airport snacks are never healthy... so it's a good time to gorge, if you want to fight off that nasty healthy weight range you've been suffering from.
Pretzels of course (regular, cheese & pepperoni, pretzel dog, cinnamon sticks), and a chicken burrito.


Day 3 - Sunday June 23rd

Breakfast at Burger King in America is certainly more interesting, and more unhealthy, than in Australia (at Hungry Jacks).
French toast sticks with maple syrup, and a bacon & egg crossant.

Choc bits coated with metallic coloured food colouring.

Giant Simpsons donuts - four times the size of a regular one. (I didn't have any, I just wanted to take a photo of the stack)

Scorpion lollipops & ones with crickets in them. (I didn't have any of these either... but no one would have believed me if I told just told them about it)

Also at the Men In Black giftshop (novelty items for the insect theme of the first MIB movie)... flavoured crickets, choc-covered insects, and an assorment of insect candy blocks.

Lunch at Universal Studios - a bacon cheeseburger and fries.

Also at Universal Studios, a Black & Bleu whopper - with a blackened Cajin sauce and bleu cheese.

Butterbeer from the world of Harry Potter. (full of sugar, to keep up the energy levels)

Burger and Onion Rings dinner at Universal Studios.

A midnight snack of Whoppers from BK.


Day 4 - Monday June 24th

Pretzels.... major droolage.

More freeze-dried icecream from the NASA gift shop.

Carolina Whooper & a Memphis Pork Burger.

The one and only Baconator from Wendys.

Not the prettiest thing...

A third of the way through the diet, a bit of healthier food for dinner... a First Class chicken dinner.

But still fill up on snacks. Ranch flavoured Pringles, Almond M&Ms (my favourite variety), White chocolate M&Ms (something new to try), and Cinnamon Toast Crunch (tastes like cinnamon donuts... in crunchy bite-sized squares that are perfect for snacking if you don't have milk and a bowl).


Day 5 - Tuesday June 25th

One meal today - a fish taco, two different corn dogs, cake fingers, teriyaki beef and noodles, pretzel dog, sweet almond pretzel, regular salted pretzel... and a fortune cookie (I don't think I've ever had one before).

Day 6 - Wednesday June 26th

Another day of just a single meal - two types of pizza, a stuffed pizza (has pizza base on top and bottom), a Stromboli (on the foil, which is like a stuffed pizza roll), and of course, Pretzels (cinnamon bits in the bag... there was a regular salted one as well, that didn't survive the journey back to the hotel for the photo.


Day 7 - Thursday June 27th

A 3-meat smoked platter, with corn, fries, and a cookies&cream cheesecake.

Cake at the IDW VIP tour.

Cherry 7up & root beer... plus a Hershey's creme pie.


Day 8 - Friday June 28th

Fish & Chicken tortillas.

Roast meats.

Spring rolls and scallops wrapped in bacon.
Isn't that green stuff just garnish?  Why have a whole plate of it then...

Day 9 - Saturday June 29th

A pre-dinner snack... Stromboli, regular pizza, stuffed pizza, Pretzel dog and Cinnamon bites.

Chicken and fish, with potato, rice and some strange green stuff...  Ooo, and chocolate cake of course.

Day 10 - Sunday June 30th

Wetzels Pretzels vendor... very close and convenient all weekend.

Chicago style pizza... with a diet pepsi, to limit the calories...

Day 11 - Monday July 1st

More pretzels... so many to choose from, to make your mouth water.

Cinnabon - now this is about as unhealthy as you can get.  Pastry scrolls that have chocolate wrapped up in them, and then covered in molten icing, and kept warm.  Very sweet and very messy, but they are an interesting experience when eaten warm.

Snacks for the plane... to keep up the strength on the 14 hour flight home.
White Fudge Flipz - can't get enough of them.  Pretzel M&Ms - a nice combination of sweet and salty, with a crispy centre. Cookies & Creme Kisses - a favourite flavour of mine, but these were a nuisense for being individually wrapped.  Tootsie Roll - I'd heard of them, but never knew what it was... disappointed to find that it is just a long stick of chewy caramel.


Day 12 - Tuesday July 2nd

Breakfast at Sydney airport - Red Rooster Bacon Burger combo box.  A nice healthy way to start the day.


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