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Two hours of panels for Glen Morshower, for roles that took about 20 minutes of screen time.
I sat in on the Saturday panel, and poked my head in on the Sunday panel to see if there was anything different, but the introduction by him was almost identical.

SATURDAY 4-5 - PANEL - TF Movies (Morshower)


Born in Dallas Texas, and is 54.  Married for 34 years (told a story of how he re-met his future wife when he was younger, as if it was fate)

He teaches acting, and is a motivational speaker.

Moved to Los Angeles in 1977 for stage acting and commercials, two years after landing his first lead role in a movie called "Drive In" at the age of 16.

He says that he is the Hollywood actor that has played the most military roles (as he has been type-cast as the go-to guy for those roles).

Some of his noted roles - 24, Xmen First Class, Dukes of Hazzard, Star Trek.

His role in the first Transformers Movie (as Col Sharp) was meant to be a one-off role. He didn't expect to be in the next two, as his character was killed off.
However, it happened due to a mix-up with Bay's 2001 movie "Pearl Harbor".

He flew down to the Carribian island they were filming part of the movie, signed on for a two week role... but found out when he got there that it had been double-cast.
Since he was already contracted to be there, he spent the two weeks in a tropical paradise, and being paid for it.
However, to make up for the trouble, Bay promised him a role in five of his next movies.
So he got roles in The Island and the first three Transformers Movies (not sure if he's done his fifth yet).
PLUS, he still ended up getting a role in Pearl Harbor... as the flag waver on the deck of the aircraft carrier that launched the bombers to Japan. (fully covered though, so you can't tell it's him)

So when they were casting for TF2, he was called up to say that he had a role if he wanted it.  Glen asked if they were aware that his character in the first died... and the casting person said, does it matter?  Glen agreed, as it was a paycheck... so said he was in.
Within an HOUR, a script was delivered to his house, and he saw that his character had his name - they named it some time ago, expecting him to take it... and probably as another element of payback for the Pearl Harbor incident.

He said that the former president Gerald Ford's son, Steven, is in the 2007 Transformers movie.

He mentioned just being at the Florida Universal Studios to officially open the ride, and said that he is signed on as an official associate of the Ride for 25 years.  Which means the Transformers Rides have at least a 25 year life-span on them.  Damn... I'll be just past 60 when those Rides are finally decommissioned. (I've been one of the first on all three... so now I gotta be one of the last on each when I'm 60)

(I left the panel at about 4.30pm so that I could get photos taken in the Dealer Room before it closed at 5... but on the Sunday Panel I was able to see what I missed)


SUNDAY 12-1 PANEL - TF Movies (Morshower)

That Jim Sorenson (taking the photo above) is everywhere.

Something I musta missed on the Saturday panel... as part of his motivational speaker role.  A power circle... or something..

Outside, being such a champion, he was signing autographs and giving people advice for quite a while (almost half an hour).

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