(griffin's 2013 BotCon adventure)


7.00pm - GT Reception (Tiki Pavilion by Pool)
8.15pm - Movie Screening (Rose Garden)

At the Tiki Pavilion for the Golden Ticket Reception just on 7pm, the place was done up in very patriotic red, white and blue... and people were gathered ready to be let in.

Guarding the gates of hell... no wait, that's from something else.

Looking up to the hotel block I was staying in... I was located near the intersecting corner, five floors up.

When we got let in, we found three tables of different food.
One had fish and chicken wraps/mini-tortillas.

Another had pork and beef roasted meat.

And the third had spring rolls, scallops wrapped in bacon, and fruit & veges.

There were about 8 tables set up for the 40-odd people, including Voice Actor guests and FunPub staff.  The VA guests were directed to sit one per table, to better mingle with the GT attendees. My table didn't have any, so Brian sat down at our table about half an hour into the event, just after they handed out the signed autograph cards (which should have been handed out at the end, as people were eating, and tables were getting wet and dirty..

The guests at their tables...

Glen Morshower (at the far side)

Jason Jenson (in white)

David Sobolov (in white)

Wally Burr (in blue)

James Horan (in black at the back on the left)

Apparently Steve Blum showed up as well, but not early enough to have signed the Autograph card... and I didn't see him on the night (I only noticed him in this photo below, days later when I was going through them, as he didn't stick around for the group photos either).
From left - Wally, Jason, David, James, Steve.

Unfortunately, by the time Glen joined the group, Steve had wandered off.  I don't know if he came back later though, as I left soon after I took several photos of these five. (it was about 8.30pm and the Movie was about to start in the Rose Garden)


The autograph card next to the set of cards you could buy from the Club Store.  I wanted to get Steve Blum's autograph on it some time during the weekend, and maybe the other two missing autographs, but was not able to get into the autograph queue without wasting at least half an hour.

A little after 8.30 (because it was late starting... ) the 2007 movie started playing... but about 5 minutes in the image disappeared and it took about another 5 minutes to figure out what was wrong.  In the end they stopped it and restarted it.

I asked before it started, which movie they were playing.  I was told that they were wanting to screen the 1986 movie, but said they were unable to get permission to screen it publicly, so resorted to the 2007 movie instead... which is fitting, due to having one of the actors as a guest this year.

It was only a small area, with various bushes and trees in the way, so it filled out very fast.


Even Wally Burr sat in to watch this movie.

A snack bar set up by the hotel to cash in on all the people out this evening watching the movie.  I saw on the flyer that I picked up earlier in the day (but didn't have a proper read of it) that there was free popcorn.

I ran into Paul and chatted for a few minutes, before just going back to my room by a quarter to nine.

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