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12-1 - PANEL - IDW Comics

Slide show wasn't working at first, so we had a bit of intro of each and then some Q&A until the slides started.

From left - John Barber (Senior Editor), JP Bove (writer, colour Regen1), Jim Sorenson (author of many great things), Alex Milne (artist), Livio (artist), Andrew Griffith (artist), Mairghread Scott (writer TFPrime), Mike Kelly (Hasbro Publishing), Carlos Guzman (Editor).

Not much revealed this year.

Slide show just showed promo images of each series, rather than a heap of upcoming covers and titles that they usually do.
The only real reveal was the upcoming Dark Cybertron saga.

Regeneration 1
Geoff Senior's first time on a Transformers comic since the 80s.
Will also have Jose Delbo and Guido Guidi working on it.

TFPrime Dinobots #6-8 will start linking up with the TV show in some way. (I guess, since the TV show will be over by then, the comic series can easily expand or follow the cartoon series)
The writer (Marghread) worked on the scripts for the cartoon, so was drafted onto this project for her indepth knowledge of the series.

NOTE - they were speaking of this series as if it were ongoing, but a recent Diamond/Previews listing suggests that it will end at Issue 8 (or maybe the current story arc does).


Monstrosity - compilations (which was released in digital first)

More Than Meets The Eye (offworld series)

#19 has the helmet of Ultra Magnus on the cover, and will deal with the (HUGE SPOILER BELOW) revelation in #18.

#22 has Swerve on the cover and will mostly be a "journal" retrospective of what has happened so far, before the big "Dark Cybertron" story arc starts.

Robots in Disguise (homeworld series)

#19 back on Gorlam Prime with Wheelie, Optimus, Hardhead and their alien friend.

#20 features Starscream and Rattrap, and Shockwave. First of two-part story - Shockpoint.

#21 Second part - Soundwaves (the relationship between Shockwave & Soundwave).

Dark Cybertron - a new story arc over 12 issues, alternating between RID & MTMTE.
The two series will be joining/crossing over, but will then continue as two separate series after, as they are selling very well to not change anything at this time.

Q&A (which was at the start of the panel)

What are they currently working on...
Bove - RG1 #94 & #0
Sorenson - Art of TFPrime (hardcover), 30th Anniversary comic collection
Milne - MTMTE #20
Livio - Monstrosity
Griffith - Dark Cybertron
Scott  - TFPrime Dinobots #6-8

No Annuals this year.

Their origin, or first exposure, to Transformers - Scott & Carlos were with Beast Wars, while the rest were with Gen1.

Pharma is said to be like the Joker from the Batman Beyond show.

They showed us the 30th Anniversary book images from the Friday panel, for those who were not pre-registered (so didn't have access to that day).


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