(griffin's 2013 BotCon adventure)


I woke up at about 6.30am, before my alarm went off, and ate a bit of breakfast while on the computer.
Just before 9am (half an hour later than I had planned) I rushed down to the room hosting the Custom Class, to be one of the last to arrive.  Paul had a seat empty next to him (not sure if he was keeping it for me), and Toby was sitting in the row in front.

7.45am-6pm Tour (San Diego, Seal, Zoo) - Atlas Foyer

9.00am-5pm Custom Class - Royal Palm Salon 1 & 2

Since I left the Custom Class early (at around 2pm), I went back to my room to drop off Blastcharge (with the Haul).

I then went across to the food court in the Fashion Valley Mall, grabbed some pizza and pretzels, and headed back to the room (about 3.30pm by this stage).

The next five hours were just relaxing in front of the TV (watching Law & Order and NCIS), eating and posting on our board about the Custom Class toy.

8.30-9.30pm GT Package Pickup - Grand Exhibit Hall
9.30-10.30pm Early Package Pickup - Grand Exhibit Hall

NOTE - the pre-convention reveals of the boxset figures and merchandise can be seen here.

I got to the Exhibit Hall just a few minutes before 8.30pm (there's no need to get there early, as there are only meant to be about 40 people during the Golden Ticket hour), and end up waiting until 8.45 to get in... I hope this year wasn't going to be another BotCon of late events.

When we were let in, the room that would end up being the Dealer Room was just big empty space, with tables and chairs ready for Dealers to use.

In the queue I was near the end, and had Toby (Doubledealer) to talk to.  It was only when we made it to the table that I realised that he wasn't a Golden Ticket holder, so he had to go back outside and queue up with the regular pre-registrants.

The pallets of stock for the Club Store.

The stuff I got...
Box Set, loose set, attendee figure Starscream (top),
Blastcharge (unpainted Custom Class figure), nametag, first-day pin (white) Golden Ticket pin (gold), T-shirt, program guide/comic (middle),
Golden folder (not sure if that was just for Golden Ticket holders), certificate (bottom).

Closer look at the program guide and pins, and the feedback form.
The Feedback form was shortened from about 6 pages to just two (probably made it more appealing to fill out now, as the long form was probably just handed in blank just to gain entry to the prize draw).
I don't like the pins this year.  Previous years are logos or faction-type symbols... this year they are a price sticker, which doesn't fit in with the rest, and just looked lame on people wearing it.

The back age of the feedback form (in case anyone was interested in what they ask).

The boxset and attendee figure.

The six out of their packaging, in vehicle mode.

And in Robot mode.


Plus the unpainted Blastcharge, next to the one I built and half-painted at the Custom Class.

The Bio cards of the Boxset and Attendee figures.






Some sample images from the comic, to show some of the featured characters.

Strika with Obsidian and Octane in the air.

Starscream in front of classic Machine Wars Starscream "clones".

Some random Autobots in the first frame, and some seeker clones in the second frame.

A semi-spoiler at the end... where it is supposed to say "To Be Continued"...

And a glimpse at Soundwave?  I can't quite work out what toy is being used for reference here, so it is hard to tell if it might yet be a FunPub toy to complete the Machine Wars set.

It was about 9.30pm when I got my stuff and headed back to my room.  I saw both Toby and Paul in the line outside ready to go in.

I took photos and posted up info on the board about the last couple days, and was asleep around midnight.  I didn't want to be too tired for the alarm, as tomorrow was the first day I had to be up early for a scheduled event - the Seaworld Tour.

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