(griffin's 2013 BotCon adventure)


Woke up at 7am, which was some time before my alarm. I wasn't in much of a rush to get ready, so stuffed around a bit until about 10.30.
It would be a short full day today, with about 3 hours in the panel room, followed by 3 hours in the Dealer Room... then the Golden Ticket Reception in the evening.

I headed down to the convention centre for the end of the first event - MSTF... their 14th episode.

The people loitering in the Foyer outside the Panel Room (to the left).  There were three people dressed up in suits with head-gear to look like certain TFPrime characters.

9-11 - PANEL - MSTF (San Diego Room)
11-12 - PANEL - Filmfest
12-1 - PANEL - Collector Club Magazine
1-2 - PANEL - Hasbro Transformers Publishing
2-5 - DEALER ROOM OPEN (Grand Exhibit Hall)
(2-3.30 - Autographs - Morshower, Jansen, Burr) (Grand Exhibit Hall)
(3.30-5 - Autographs - Horan, Sobolov)
7.00pm - GT Reception (Tiki Pavilion by Pool)
8.15pm - Movie Screening (Rose Garden)

The items I bought on the first day in the Dealer Room.
I did the annual shopping of Comic TPBs from the IDW booth, to catch up on the last year (well, half year, as I did a bulk online order at the end of last year).  They didn't have the second Infestation book though, so have to look out for that.
Found the final set of JP Micron Capsules (wave 3) which are impossible to find online or ebay.
Also managed to find the Generations Blaster, which was high on my priority list, as online sources were charging a fortune for it (due to its limited release).  Since the Generations line isn't supposed to be coming to Australia, I had to find as many as I could... so when I saw Sandstorm, I grabbed that one too.  Grimwing was now in Australia, but I'd save money buying it here, so I did.
And the last thing bought on the first day (which was a smaller haul than usual), was Metroplex.  When I saw them in the dealer room on the Thursday night, I was really keen to get one, but when I ended up being about the 500th person to get into the Dealer Room, I didn't think I'd get one.
It turned out that the pricing was higher than fans on the Friday were willing to pay, just to get it a month or two early... so I didn't end up having to panic. I went over to their tables when I got into the Room, and saw a bit of a crowd, but not a huge crowd.  There were about 40 people lining up around their tables, so I asked one of the BBTS staff if this was for the Metroplexes.  He said that it was, but handed me a ticket with a number on it, saying that they were giving out tickets to allow people to come back during that first day to buy their Metroplex, so as not to waste time waiting in the queue.  That was great, because even though it would have only been about a 10 minute wait, it allowed me to shop around other dealer tables first without having to lug around a giant box.
So close to 5pm, after taking photos of the Hasbro exhibit and quizzing one of the Hasbro people for about half an hour, I went back and bought myself a Metroplex... to be the first Australian with one.

Back at my room a little after 5pm, I had a little time to get cleaned up, dressed in something nice, and down to where the Golden Ticket Reception was being held.
After it had finished, and checking out the Outdoor movie being screened nearby, I ran into Paul and asked him how things were going so far... and then went back to my room a little before 9pm.

I spent some time transforming toys to take photos and post an update onto the board, and ended up going to sleep around midnight.  The big, full day was up next.

The Haul table at the end of the day.

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