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Up at 7.30am (I was catching up on a fair bit of sleep over the convention, as I didn't have people to hang around with into the evening like a lot of other years (particularly ones which had me sharing a room... keeping each other up all night, talking about what each did that day, and playing with the various toys we bought).

Heading down to the Dealer room at about 9.30, the convoy of Scooters were back. As I was approaching the Convention Centre, they started filing out of the parking lot like a long motorcade.

10-11 - PANEL - TFPrime Script reading (Horan, Sobolov, Jansen, Burr)
11-12 - PANEL - Rescue Bots PRODUCTION CREW
12-1 - PANEL - TF Movies (Morshower)
1-2 - PANEL - Costuming
(10-11.30 - Autographs - Morshower)
(12.30-2 - Autographs - Horan, Sobolov)
(2-3.30 - Autographs - Jansen, Burr)
3.15pm - Prize drawing

Today was a rather quiet one at the convention.  There was one less panel this year, giving an extra hour at the end in the Dealer Room.  Plus, since the last two panels didn't interest me that much (Morshower was a repeat of the one on Saturday, and Costuming is, well, Costuming)... I ended up having over 3 hours to kill at the end of the convention.  It was like the anti-climax to a convention that was already the anti-climax to my 12 day adventure.  I was kinda like... meh, but the end of the show this year.  It just didn't end on the usual emotional high of previous ones.
It was really just two hours in the Panel Room, with the rest of the time left looking for something to do, or buy.  I was so "un rushed" that I even had time to look for an ATM for about half an hour, just to get some extra money. (both ATMs at the Hotel were empty - no surprise there - so had to go over to the shopping centre to use an ATM there)

The first panel was late, and I sat up the back with Toby... I didn't have to sit in the Golden Ticket rows, and was able to take photos from where I was.
I moved up the front for the Rescue Bots one though, in case they had slides to take photos of.
I skipped the Glen Morshower and Costuming panel, but each time I was walking to and from the Dealer Room, I poked my head in and took some photos anyway.

Inside the Dealer Room, from about midday... I caught up with a few people, interrogated the Hasbro staff a little more with questions, and looked for some of the other items friends had asked me to buy for them.

I heard from a couple people that Hasbro had been handing out Kreon Devastators... but not too many of them, which is why I didn't know about it despite being at their exhibit quite a few times over the weekend.  So I had a walk around the dealer room, expecting some to be selling theirs (grabbing one or two just to sell to desperate people like me).  And sure enough, I found a dealer... not with one, or two, or even five.  He had 10 of them, and was wanting $12 each for them!  Scum!
I said $10, and he said okay.

At the back of one of the Dealer tables, I spotted something I never expected... and after a bit of unnecessary haggling (as it was reasonobly priced), I bought myself the Red version of the Argentinian Radio AM Robot (I already have the blue one).  It is such a rarity, and just plain odd, that other people were keen to have a look at it.

I also came across a dealer who had the Red BAPE Convoy (I have the other two), and this person wasn't charging over $200 for it.  It was almost 3.30pm and he'd already knocked off $40... so I asked for another $20 off.  He said no at first... so I walked off.
Five minutes later, I came back, and asked him again. He asked his offsider, and said okay.

The day's haul.  Just the three toys on the left are mine.  The other items are for other people (I just took the combined photo as proof to them that I got their items).

They did the prize drawing (I wasn't listening to it, as I was at the Hasbro exhibit), and at 3.30pm they announced that the convention was now closed.
I had a bit of a wander around to soak it all in, took a couple photos of the half-empty room, and looked for some boxes to take back to the room for my luggage.  I ended up buying a box and a roll of tape from the UPS booth, which was handy.
(I really wanted one of the Metroplex master cartons, but BBTS had kept them for shipping back their unsold stock.

Back to the room, and over to the Shopping Centre for the iphone giftcard, and some pretzels.  I didn't buy anything else, because I found a flyer under my Hotel door earlier that day, for Chicago Style Pizza... my favourite!
Ever since I had it in Chicago, waaaay back in 2003 while at BotCon, I just loved the concept.  And I've never been able to find it since.

The best way to describe Chicago Style Pizza, is that it is like an actual pie, with the toppings put on in reverse order - cheese first, then toppings, then the tomato sauce... all in a deep sided crust, so that it is like a pie (see the photo below).

I rang up the number and was put on hold... for five minutes.  So I hung up and rang again. I got put on hold again, but only for about 30 seconds this time.
I told him that I wanted delivery, and that I had a flyer, so wanted a Chicago Style Pizza (which came with a free bottle of Soda/Soft Drink).
He asked what three toppings I wanted. I looked on the flyer for the ones to choose from, and said pepperoni, onion and meatball.  (he must have thought I said mushroom, as that's what was on it instead... which was a bit annoying because I don't like mushroom, but there was so much flavour in the pizza from the sauce, it wasn't too noticable)

When it arrived about 40 minutes later, I was surprised that it came with all those extras (parmesan cheese sachets, flaked chilli sachets, paper plates, plastic cuttlery, serviettes)... and all for about $25.  Junk food is more expensive in America than here, especially pizza and burgers... and they limit the number of topics to just 2 or 3 on pizzas.  Very few pizzas in Australia have just 2 or 3 topics on them.

The pizza was so big, I only ate half of it when it arrived (at about 5pm), and then ate the rest about 5 hours later.

During that time, I was packing... and I had a lot to pack.
I probably would have packed faster if there wasn't an NCIS marathon on until about midnight.  It was on channel USA, which meant hearing the "characters welcome" tagline at every commercial break.

This was the Haul at the end of the Convention...

I usually have a sense of sadness at the end of the Sunday, as the intense weekend suddenly ends, and everything is being packed away before my eyes... especially when I am not sharing on the final night, as I am stuck with lonely reflection of the weekend.  This year it didn't feel that sad, which I think was due to doing so much before the convention started on the Friday, while the Sunday itself wasn't as intense with events.

It would have been past midnight by the time I got everything into two boxes (one being the giant UPS box that I bought, cut down to about 2/3 size), and my bag and backpack... leaving out just my computer, change of clothes for tomorrow and a few other things I needed.  I had three boxes left spare - two FunPub boxes and the box I used from Florida.  I decided to keep one of the FunPub boxes to take with me to the airport (the big box was heavy, so in case I needed to make it lighter, I had another box on hand to use), and was going to take the other two boxes to the recycling bin next to the Convention Centre.  It was bad enough leaving bags of rubbish each day for the cleaning staff, they didn't need to have to deal with a couple of boxes that I could take responsibility for.

That is a huge box... if you an sort of make out the scale of other items in the photo.

Everything of mine was in the bix box and bags.  Everything that I bought for other people was in the smaller FunPub box.  So if cost me extra in luggage fees, I didn't have to worry about working out the proportion that applied to me... just to everyone else.

I spent a couple hours on the computer, posting up more photos and info, as I wouldn't be logging back on for at least 40 hours.

About 3am I got to sleep... later than I was expecting, as I needed to be up by at least 9am.

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