(griffin's 2013 BotCon adventure)


9-11 - PANEL - MSTF 14 (San Diego Room)
11-12 - PANEL - Filmfest

Once again, I didn't come down to this until it was nearly over, so only caught the last 10 minutes.  I had a lot of stuff to do on the computer to post up on our board, so didn't prioritise this. Since it is one of the few (Transformers) fan-run events, I probably should, just to add an extra dimension to the Convention.  The humour is an acquired taste, but can act as the "warm up" to the Convention itself.

Trent - Greg - David

Their final bit was knocking a recent reality show "Toy Collector" or "Toy Hunter" (I think), which has someone looking for rare toys and collections, to buy cheap and resell... but in the process has made obvious mistakes (to fans). I think one instance had the guy identifying a Bumblejumper as a "rare prototype of Bumblebee". So, the MSTF crew did up a few multiple-choice slides, with various toys, and one (or all) options being "rare prototype of Bumblebee".
Below is a TMNT toy...

As soon as their panel ended, the groupies swarmed...


Next up was the Fan filmfest.... which was 20 minutes late (and yes, it was a sign of things to come with at least half of the panels this year)

We were warned that the submissions were light this year, and that they had lost one of them.

Video 1 - BotCon Retrospective
Was mostly the early years, showing various photos taken at the earlier years, and boy did some of the repeat guests look young back then.

Video 2 - A day in the life of Starscream
Random scenes (no order or theme) from TFPrime set to music (no audio from the scenes themselves).

Video 3 - Transformers Crash
An incomplete CGI video about G1 Bumblebee being treated like a kid.

Video 4 - (lost)

Video 5 - Transformers Movie Abridged
Redubbed parody mash of the 1986 movie and the first episode (More than Meets the Eye)

Video 6 - Transformers Nightmares
About four (comedy) nightmare scenarios for certain characters.

Using an App on someone's phone, a poll was taken from the Audience (by cheering) as to which were the winning three.
First - Video 5
Second - Video 6
Third - Video 2

Video 3 had more general support from the audience, but since the creators of Video 2 screamed out loud when each one was polled, it managed to get third prize. Which was a shame, because even though Video 3 was incomplete, it had more effort put into it than random silent cartoon scenes done to music.

We also had a couple of extra videos that were not part of the competition, as they were winners in previous years.
The first was by Ravagecat (the puppet on a hand from last year), interviewing various people and guests at last year's BotCon and some other Conventions.
The second was the annual video by NGSMOOV.

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