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10-11 - PANEL - TFPrime Script reading

Late start... by 15 minutes with this one.

From left - James Horan, David Sobolov, Jason Jenson, Wally Burr, Greg Sepelak.

James Horan - Wheeljack & Knock Out
David Sobolob - Shockwave, (Thundercracker?)
Jason Jansen - Hotshot
Wally Burr - Kup
Greg Sepelak - Rumble, Frenzy
Trent Troop - Narrator (off-screen)

Dispite starting late, it finished early, as the script only went for about 20 minutes.

Time for some Q & A.

Burr commenting on Lionel Stander (the voice of Kup in the 1986 Movie) - was not good at doing voices, as he instinctively needed to look at people to "act" his roles, so Neill Ross would stand in front of him in the recording studio, just to help him out.

Burr did the voice of Kremzeek, and said the line a couple times... which was still exactly how it sounded some 25-odd years ago.
He mentioned that he loved Jem as a story, and at thought Transformers was puzzling at the time.

David Sobolov (each time he read Shockwave's lines during the Script reading, he'd cover his right ear like an announcer) - the voice for Depthcharge was meant to sound like Clint Eastwood/Dirty Harry at the core, with a chip on his shoulder.  He thought that the character needed therapy.


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