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11-12 - PANEL - Rescue Bots PRODUCTION CREW

From left - Brian (Producer), Greg (Editor), Nicole (Editor)

It was also noted that Nicole read the lines of Bumblebee in the episodes he featured in... which were replaced by beeping.

Some of the Voice Actors ended up coming in to the panel, but sitting in the Audience.

Rescue Bots are part of the Prime universe, but are the last-resort back-up to Optimus' team, to protect Earth if all others are gone... as a reason why they have never been called on in TFPrime.

The demographic limits the usage of weapons and damage... especially to Cody.

They mentioned pitching a second series at the same time as pitching Rescue Bots, called "Billy Blastoff", for the same age-group, but it was rejected because Hasbro didn't want two shows for the same demographic at the same time.  (but the name was kept by Hasbro, as they named one of their Rescue Bots human figurines Billy Blastoff)

Showed a Video Clip, from the episode "Alien Invasion of Griffin Rock".

The Island in the cartoon is set in Maine, based on an actual place called Mayberry.  Also, many of the characters are named or based on people that the production crew know or are related to.
Even some based on themselves, like the "large man" in a couple episodes being based on Brian.

Showed another Video Clip, with one of the robots saying "That's what she said", which apparently got approved, despite the adult concept to it.

Greg wrote some Beast Wars episodes, so has a history with Transformers.

Showed us an "animatronic" clip from Season 2.

Season 2 will start airing December-January.

No new Bots in Season 2.  Some more Burns family members in Season 2, but not their mother.

A new Villian is coming (possibly to replace Dr Morocco, since Tim Curry is no longer available).

The violence in the Season 1 Finale is as "bad" as it gets (for those with young kids watching the show).

Mor-bots were not meant to look anything like Vehicons.

The Trex in Rescue Bots (a robotic Dinosaur) was modelled after Beast Wars Megatron.


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