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2-3 - PANEL - Rescue Bots CAST

From left - Brian (Supervising Producer), Maurice (Chief Charlie), Jason (Kade), Shannon (Graham), Elan (Cody), Diamond (Frankie), Steve Blum (Heatwave), Parvesh (Blades), Imari (Boulder), DC (Chase).

They were announced one at a time in the order they take in the Recording Booth.

The panel started off with a statement from Maurice, that was rather long-winded, and I wasn't sure what it was leading to.
After about 5 minutes, it ended up being a public apology to Wally Burr, for something Maurice apparently said several years ago in an article, that criticised Burr as a Voice Director.
Burr was still in the room from his panel, which meant it was timed well (it wasn't staged - and Maurice may have still read it out if Burr wasn't in the room).
The pair shook hands, and the panel went ahead.

During the panel, a slideshow was running, featuring art and character models from the cartoon.  I took a few sample photos, as there were at least 50 slides, including creative "movie posters" of each Season 1 episode, homaging a real movie poster.

The adult Voice Actors are quite a close bunch, hanging out together after recording sessions, and keen to pay out on each other with various stories.

I think the most mature people on the panel were the two kids, Elan and Diamond... who were the most serious pair during the whole panel.  I think they were probably just over-whelmed by the concept (or afraid) of all these adults obsessing about a cartoon aimed at 5 year olds. I think I only saw the pair smile once... and it was more of a polite one to something being mentioned of them.
Yeah, I'd be afraid too... :p

Maurice voiced "The Brain" from Pinky and the Brain... which his normal talking voice sounded very similar.

Diamond entered into the American X-Factor contest last year and was a finalist.  She has also sung for the US Vice President and Secretary of State at some function.
Elan once sung a Spongebob song, that ended up being recorded and used in the show.

They showed us a music video compilation from the cartoon.

Someone asked what "DC" stands for.  Douglas Collins (surname) Jnr.. which he abreviated to DC and then used the first name as his last name - DC Douglas.

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