(griffin's 2014 BotCon adventure)



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Evac Universal Studios Ride. (if you've been on it, you'll know which bit this is from)

Grimlock's Tokyo Vacation (that's the Tokyo Tower, not the Eiffel Tower).

IDW Prowlastator.

Age of the Dinobots (Gen1 SOS Dinobots episode)

First Aid Appliances

The Little Battle for Cybertron (painted "Little People" toys from the 60s)

A Day at the Beach with the Decepticons (a cut-away, with Megatron diving into the water, and other Decepticons sun-bathing and swimming)

1/64 scale Gen1 Battle scene (with lights)



Wreckers (Impactor and Rack-n-Ruin), and Cheetor (there was no separate Kid's category this year, so they were put in with the regular entries).

Nano-scale Overlord (could be the Kabaya model properly painted, or scratch built), and Pretender Starscream (from a Thunderwing toy).

Holomatter Whirl and Kreo Ravage.

Scamp, Drillmaster, and Turmoil (fan created characters).

Plushy Fetish... and Senator Ratbat.

Movie-verse Rodimus, Slicer, Duocon Battletrap.

This was titled "Chris Latta", as a triple homage to three of Chris Latta's characters - Starscream (the Masterpiece toy), Cobra Commander as his working Headmaster, and the Inhumanoids D-Compose as his working pretender shell.

Kreo Ramjet, Omega Supreme and Devastator.



IDW Wreckers... Optimus Vs Megatron.


Optimus (oil on canvas)... TFPrime Breakdown.

Face Off... Elita-1... Big Bad Beast Wars Convoy.



Pretender... Hand of Fate.

Old School Charging into Battle

Probability of Autobot Victory - Zero %

Autoboticon Knock Out... More than Meets the Cat's Eye.

Shockwave... Army of Dark Energon.

Orion: Days of Future Past... Changes in the Years (Soundwave, Blitzwing, Bumblebee)... Battle Fire Elita-1.




Three Musketeers... Heralds of Unicron.

Fire and Moon - Femme Fatale... Megatron, a New Autobot.

Teletraan 1: Behind the Music.... Make Way for Astrotrain.

Atomica (fan-made Female Autobot)... Dinobots Vs Predacons.

FOC Grimlock... Slash.





Ratchet and Bumblebee.


TFPrime Wheeljack, Bumblebee, Ultra Magnus.


IDW Chromedome and Eject (on the left), and something I couldn't quite work out so I took a few different photos... but checking my toys later I found that it was the legs on the Gen1 Starscreams toy.

TFPrime Starscream and Soundwave.

Elita One sandwiched between a couple of Optimus Primes.

TFPrime Wheeljack... and I think a Gen1 coloured Movie Jazz.

Gen1 Devastator, Galvatron, Optimus and Metroplex.

IDW Tailgate I think... and the guy dressed as Miko was back this year, but just for one day this time.  Scary, but very impressive in the way he seems to pull it off.

TFPrime Wheeljack, Movie Optimus, Movie Bumblebee, TFPrime Megatron.

Movie Optimus? and Gen1 Eltia One... Gen1 Ironhide.

TFPrime Barricade? and Miko.

A strange Tailgate Sailor Moon I think.

Looks like another Tailgate at the back sees some competition...

Even some kids came in costumes.  A Movie Dinobot (probably Slash or Grimlock), and the girl is probably Arcee.

Soundwave and Metroplex.


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