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Karl Hartman - Pete Sinclair

The panel started with a montage video of the various BotCon exclusive toys.

Then we had a call out for those who still have a perfect attendance of the 20 American BotCons that are officially recognised in their 21 year history (the one in 2003 doesn't count, as the name was dropped by the time the convention started).
There are actually 7 people who have attended all 20... which is amazing, because there were only 13 people with a perfect atttendance in 2004.
(and I thought I was excessive for attending 14 of the 20 official BotCons... then again, I am from the other side of the world, and these final 7 all appeared to be North Americans now - as there were a couple who were foreigners with perfect attendance 10 years ago... I wonder if I'm now the most travelled BotCon attendee, in terms of total distance to and from the conventions)

Pete and Karl are two of the remaining seven, and I recognised 3 of the other five.

Next was a slide show of SOME of the scrapped concepts and ideas over the years, split into two categories - NEVER and ALMOST.
The "Almost" category are toys that could well show up down the track somewhere, but don't expect it, as there may never be a spot for them, or the moulds are no longer available later.

(no photography allowed)

In the "NEVER gonna happen" category...
Gen1 Hardshell/Bombshell - from Classics Straxus
JP Megabolt/Overlord - from VOY TF2 Mindwipe
Animated Hubcap - from Animated Soundwave
Gen1 Predaking - from TM2 Tigerhawk
Pre-TFs Marlboro - from Anim/TF2? Lockdown
Femme Fatale (female Cykill) - from TFPrime Arcee (not First Edition)
Shattered Glass Stranglehold - from Anim/TF2? Lockdown (with moustache)
Scrash/Euro Skyquake & King Atlas & Dai Atlas - all from 2008 Universe Silverbolt
Turbomasters Boxset (Scorch/yellow, Boss/blue, Hurricane/white, Flash/red, Thunderclash/truck) - from TFPrime moulds Ironhide/yellow, Wheeljack/blue, Smokescreen/white, Bumblebee/red, Ultra Magnus/truck.
My Little Pony Twilight Sparkle Prime - a purple Beast Machines Battle Unicorn

In the "ALMOST happened" category...
Gen1 Ransack - from FOC Kickback (almost was a Pirate this year)
Pirate Cannonball - from TFPrime Wheeljack
Pirate Megabolt - from TFPrime Skyquake (probably good that it didn't, as it was used in last year's set)
2014 Gen1 Bumper - from TFPrime Rumble
Crosshairs & Pinpointer - from Generations Kup w/ Micron
Strika - from Animated VOY Bulkhead
Bruton (from Gen1 3D comics) - from FOC VOY Grimlock or TFPrime? Bulkhead
2013 Machine Wars Prowl - from Classics Mirage
2013 Machine Wars Hubcap - from Classics Kup

2011 Boxset went through a lot of changes, before they ended up doing the Animated Stunticons...
First - Shattered Glass Beast Wars
Then - Classics Stunticons
Then - (Assorted) Animated - see next paragraph*
Then - Animated Stunticons

*The 2011 (Assorted) Animated set would have had Gen2 Sideswipe (which we got that year), Jackpot (a subscription figure the next year), and three unknowns - a lime/white Megatron, cream coloured Ratchet, & something I didn't get to write down.
The at-show figures would have been - Bugbite (from JP Hydrodive Bumblebee), Toxitron (from JP Wingblade Optimus), Kup (from DLX Cybertron Optimus), "Armada" Wheeljack (from Rodimus), Tigatron (also from Rodimus), Shokaract (from JP VOY Blackout), Springer (from Swindle)... and a 3-pack of Flamewar, Atagony & Nightracer from the Arcee mould.

In 2007 they were given the slight possibility that Alternators were on the table, so they put together a 4-pack boxset proposal just in case... but it didn't end up happening.
The four toys would have been Galvatron (from Wheeljack), Cyclonus (from Mirage), Ultra Magnus (from Optimus) and Rodimus (from something he couldn't remember... probably the Rodimus mould).

The final figure reveal for the night was... Rodimouse - Transmetal Rattrap coloured like Rodimus Prime. (I'm not sure what this would have been for, or if they were being serious, because it would go well with Ultra Mammoth.)

Brian came up to the table when Q&A started. (not a lot of Qs were asked though, with most asking about the items above, with the answers added in above)

Doing a Season 4 of Animated is something they'd like to do, but no new moulds would limit its potential and possibly spoil it.

Derryck Wyatt, adding his thoughts to the Animated question.

- SATURDAY  9.45PM  -  MSTF -

David - Trent - Greg

I think it was meant to be an anniversary of theirs as well... 15 years of MSTF.

It started late, at 10pm, but I left after 15 minutes, as semi-humorous, voice-over, commentary is not really my thing... particularly when I'm really tired after a big long week.
(it started with them doing the 1986 Movie, so if they did the whole thing, it was probably the entire presentation)


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