(griffin's 2014 BotCon adventure)


The Custom Class was in the Conference Centre.

A sign outside to let people know what and where things are on.

Inside the Conference Room, looking over towards room 211 where the Custom Class was about to start.

(I rushed a bit to get there before 8am and got there about 6 minutes before 8am, but the sign out front said I had until 8.15am)

Inside were rows of tables, and chairs on each side, making it very cramped workspace on the table.

Dispensor holding a spot for a friend.

Looks like I wasn't the only one bringing a toy companion with me, as Dispensor met up with toys brought by the other two people at my table.

The unveiling of this year's toy by Pete.

Primal Prime, from the Cybertron Optimus mould.

Not one of their better Custom Class toys, as it is a big mass of red... relying on a lot of blue paint to make it more interesting.


Instruction books and bags of parts were handed out.

A colour guide for painting the toy to match the example figure.

Plus a sticker sheet to use if you want.  Note the middle stickers homaging Gen1 Optimus Prime's trailer stickers. Two of the character stickers revealed two at-show toys a day before they were officially revealed.

Laying out the five sprues and transparent Cyber Key.

Cutting up the parts, trimming them, and separating them into their groups... plus taping the screws and pins to their guide page... the first step was constructing legs.

Then the arms.

Then the Torso & head.

Form feet and legs... form arms and torso... and I'll form... waitasec, where are my legs?

I have the power!  ......  Excuse me sir, have you lost your keys?

Quiet worm...

The last item to construct was the hoverboard... then the painting.  The gorilla chest gets airbrushed silver by Shawn, and people get to paint their toys however they like.
(some people paint the parts before they construct the toy, a bit like building a model - but I prefer to construct the toy first, especially if you run out of time, I'd rather miss painting part of the toy than taking parts home and needing to find tools like a drill or pin clamp, to finish constructing it)

Before I went into the class and saw the toy, I wasn't planning to do much more than maybe a few highlights like I did last year, because I don't have a steady hand for intricate painting... but this toy just needed so much paint to break up all that red.  So instead of getting out of there after 3-4 hours like last year, I ended up being there 6 hours, until 2pm.  And I could have been there another hour, as I rushed the white and dark blue paint, because I was supposed to be meeting up with someone, and I said I would meet up at around 1pm.
The unexpected extra time spent painting this one, had me enjoying it so much that if I do another Custom Class, I now want to spend the whole 8 hours painting details on the toy.

A comparison to the original Primal Prime toy from Beast Machines. (note that I didn't paint the entire toy, so it would have had a lot more dark blue on the legs to match the original figure)

The instruction book for the class.

Page one notes and acknowledgements.

The bio for this character toy.  They also had some datafiles/mini-story in the book as well, but I didn't want to post up everything without permission.


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