(griffin's 2014 BotCon adventure)


Only two panels today, a shorter day of panel-room action this year due to the Universal Studios Event in the afternoon.

While waiting for the set up, Susan Blu (voice of Arcee) meeting up with one of the organisors.

Lanny presenting the Fan Filmfest... noting that the entries this year were less than usual, with just three, which meant all three would win prizes.
To pad out a little time, we would also see some videos from Ng_Smoov, which we get each year.

The first submission - Transformers Prime : Out of Context.
Basically it showed clips from the cartoon, with strategically places bleeps to make it sound like swearing was actually going on.

The second submission - I'm Number One.
A comedic, simple-drawn animation of TFPrime Starscream and Megatron, to the song "I'm Number One".

The third submission - G1 Started the Fire.
Re-written song/lyrics to the music of "We didn't start the fire", to clips of the original series cartoon.

Voting was done through how loud the audience applauded when the name of each video was read out.
Results were announced...
1st - G1 Started the Fire.
2nd - Transformers Prime : Out of Context.
3rd - I'm Number One. (this was the only one I could find on youtube)

It was about 10.30am when the two Ng_Smoov CG videos were screened, allowing us to leave 10-15 minutes early for the line up to the Dealer Room this year.

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