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(from left, with the characters they voiced in the cartoon)
Jack Angel - Astrotrain, Omega Supreme, Ramjet, Ultra Magnus (post movie)
Hal Rayle - Pipes, Shrapnel, Snarl
Samantha Newark - Aerial
Michael McConnohie - Tracks, Cosmos

Jack Angel couldn't remember how to do Astrotrain's voice, but did remember that they had to computerise it to sound like two voices at once.

They commented on Casey Kasem, who recently died, saying that he was a great man.

According to a website called "The Numbers" the Actors/Voice Actors who have been in movies that have earned the most in total, Frank Welker was number one for a long time... beating out people like Samuel L Jackson, Morgan Freeman, Harrison Ford and Tom Hanks. Since the Avengers movies, Samuel L Jackson has now just hit the lead.
And Jack Angel was number four for a while, who mentioned that Samuel L Jackson once said on the Howard Stern Radio show that Frank and Jack were "not real actors".

They talked about how Frank Welker would have fun with making sounds in the recording booth. Like, a sliding door noise, which would have people looking to see who was entering the room... and doing a "white noise" hum that would keep frustrating Wally Burr, who would try to work out where the noise was coming from.

Samantha Newark mentioned a time while doing Jem, that had the storyboard artists do a prank, by drawing up joke storyboards that had everyone nude (nothing graphic, just no obvious clothing).

Jack Angel mentioned that Wally Burr was so difficult to please, that he just started imitating him, and ultimately got him off his back.
He was both praised and feared as a Voice Director. (a common theme from the Voice Actors)

The reason why Jem was apparently cancelled, despite being popular...
The advertising rules that prevented toy companies advertising their own products in their cartoons, allowed for their competitors to target those cartoons with their toys, so Jem was a popular cartoon with girls, but all the ads were for Barbie, which meant they got better exposure for less investment.
Hasbro axed a number of cartoons at that time, which Jack said almost killed Marvel.

Jack Angel is 83 years old... so was already in his 50s when voicing Transformers.

They all agreed that recording voices for computer/console games is the worst job, as it is very long and repetitive.

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