(griffin's 2014 BotCon adventure)


We got there a little late, at 7.45pm, but there wasn't much to miss... except seating, as they only had tables and chairs for less than half of the people. So when we got there and grabbed some food, there was no where left to sit.
It looked like a bigger turnout this year of the Golden Ticket holders, as it seemed to be a lot more crowded than the previous two years.  This is the third year with the Golden Ticket concept, with there being 75 in 2012, 100 in 2013, and 100 this year... but this year looked like more people than last year.





There were four different food stations and a bar (free non-alcoholic drinks).

This one had mostly asian dishes.

This one had a variety of savoury dishes.

A couple of different Salads in a box.

Corn chips and dips (yes, three different coloured corn chips - and I was amazed at seeing blue corn chips, now there were red ones as well).

And the desert table, with cake slices.

The guests mingling with the attendees...
Hal Rayle and Sue Blu.... and Jack Angel.

David Kaye.

Michael McConnohie.

Elan Garfias (I think he was the only Rescue Bots VA to attend, which was strange... and he didn't look like he was enjoying himself either).

Susan Blu and David Kaye.

James Roberts (looking up), Mark Weber (Hasbro, black t-shirt), Jim Sorenson (hat).

The youngest VA with the oldest VA - Elan Garfias (about 16) and Jack Angel (83).

David Kaye feeding one of his creators, Derek Whyatt (creator of Animated characters, including probably Optimus... who Kaye voiced).

Who watches the watchers... Taking a photo of Lanny taking photos for the BotCon website.

Dispensor snuck into the party...

... and spent most of the time at the bar, getting wasted on high-proof Energon.

At the end we got our usual signed card of most of the special guests at the Dinner.


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