(griffin's 2014 BotCon adventure)


John - Bill - Mark - Lenny - Ben - Mark Weber
(some are designers, one is a colourist, and Mark is product marketing)

2014 overview, similar to the Hasbro Toyfair presentation, which showed the different demographics they are targeting.
Preschool - Simple steps - Rescue Bots
Boys/girls - 1-10 steps - TF4
Fan - puzzle play - TF4 & Generations

Complexity graph showed the peak in 2012, which was preventing repeat customers, so are now trying to find a balance between play and puzzle.

Generations numbers for older collectors...
2012 - 9
2013 - 54
2014 - 73

Rescue Bots - nothing new shown (Mini Dinos, "Rescan" bots, Electronic Optimus)

Heero Mashers - Wave 1 we've seen before.
Wave 2 Basic - Rodimus Jetfire
Wave 2 Deluxe - Soundwave, Slug

Custom Wave 3 - Strafe, Slug, Scorn, Grimlock
Dinobot Ride freebie pack (small Grimlock w/ mini-Optimus Kreon - 46 pieces) - June 24th at US ToysRUs for some promotion.

Age of Extinction

Power Battlers Wave 3 - Grimlock Galvatron, Slug, Snarl, Lockdown.
(Snarl confirmed to be an "off screen" character, so is not in the movie)
Power Battlers Wave 4 - Vehicon, High Octane Bumblebee, Junkheap ("off screen" garbage truck - can use chomp gimmick in both modes)

One Step Basic Wave 3 - Drift (Helicopter), Galvatron, Slug, Steeljaw (blue wolf), High Octane Bumblebee
One Step Basic Wave 4 - Strafe, Rollbar (off screen white/purple car), Prowl (off screen police car), ROTF Megatron.

Deluxe wave 2.5 - Lockdown
Deluxe wave 3 - Bumblebee, Snarl, Hot Shot (blue Crosshairs?)

Leader 2-pack - Optimus & Grimlock
Autobots United - Drift, Hound, Optimus, Bumblebee, Crosshairs (slight redecos)
Breakout scene - white VOY Optimus, Rollbar (redeco GEN Skids), Crankcase (redeco TF3 DLX)
(they wanted to call the set "Farmageddon", but were content with having it mentioned on the back of the box)

SDCC Dinobots shown - a matching Gen1 Sludge is possible later in the year, to complete the set.
The Ark was designed by the same guy who did the Pop-up book from last year.

SDCC Rock Band Tour pack shown.

Generations 2014.

Legends Wave 4 - Nemesis Prime w/ Spinister, Cliffjumper w/ Suppressor

Deluxe Wave 5 - Chromia (new blue cycle), Arcee (new pink car)

Voyager Wave 4 - Brainstorm w/ Arcana (head)
(Arcana fits in cockpit, and activates stats when plugged in as a head)

Generations 2015.
New packaging style for Generations to differentiate it a little more from the Movie toys.
Will include a character card, and Deluxes will continue to have comics.

Legends Wave 1 - Powerglide, Thundercracker, Windcharger, Bombshell (they got the name back).
(no "Targetmasters" in 2015 to keep the price-point down)

Voyager Wave 1 - Optimus Prime (new - not based on anything)

Leader Wave 1 - Megatron (Gen1-ish tank from Legends game)
Leader Wave 1.5 - Megatron (Armada tank - redeco with new head).
Working Treads on tanks. Gen1 Megatron will come with an Autobot Sticker for those wanting to replicate the IDW comic.
Gen1 Megatron was originally meant to come out with Jetfire in 2014, but was pushed back to early 2015.

Stats for 2015
Legends - 11 (shown 4)
Deluxe - 16 (shown 0)
Voyager - 6 (shown 1)
Leader - unknown (shown 2)

Theme for 2015.... Combiners. (silhouette of Superion shown)

Bluestreak (black top version)

And yes, there are still more plans for the Titan class.

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