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Livio - Sarah - Mairghread - Andrew - James - John Barber

(some of my details may be off, as I'm behind on IDW comics)

Covers shown for MTMTE 30, 31, 32
RID 30, 31, 32

MTMTE 30 is the end of 3-part Megatron trial
MTMTE 31 sees the return of Drift (in time for cashing in on the Movie) after his exile in #15 or #16.
MTMTE will soon have a multi-part story on the "Senator Era" and the Functionists.
RID 31 features Jazz.
RID 32 end of 5-part story
RID 33 & 34 features Galvatron in a stand-alone 2-part story
RID 35 starts the second story arc, with some old humans returning



Windblade 3 & 4 shown.
#4 will be her back story.
The makeup & jewellery on her has a purpose... apparently.


Primacy images shown


TFGIJoe 1 in July, written by Barber.
#0 was more GIJoe focused, but #2 will be Transformers heavy.
(they mentioned at their Dealer Room table that pre-orders for the crossover are higher than some of their ongoing lines... so someone liked Issue zero)


"Punishment" is a motion comic, now available through a Windows 8 app, for free. A print version will come later.
It is set on Cybertron, post-Dark Cybertron, with Optimus and Dinobots hunting down someone or something killing Decepticons.


November sees a new mini-series called, Drift - Empire of Stone.
Written by Shane McCarthy & drawn by Guido.
I think they mentioned that it was set at the end of Primacy... a pre-history story perhaps (depending on how long ago Drift became an Autobot I guess, or a story of flashbacks).

2015 - Windblade returns in a new mini-series, by the same team, Scott & Stone.


Movie comics - not likely to do any ever again. (I looked up the sales stats a few months back, and they did worse each series, to the point of selling almost half of the number of ongoing issues).

Where are the Dinobots at the moment? - four will be featured in "Punishment" on Cybertron, while Grimlock is currently with the Scavengers and will feature in an upcoming 2-part MTMTE story.

More Crossovers are coming, but can't make announcements yet.

The appearance of odd (non-Gen1 series) characters that have Generations toys is not from Hasbro demanding it, but Hasbro showing IDW upcoming toys and the editors choosing to include ones that inspire them or can fit in the story.

Fortress Maximus? - soon to return in a story called Sword of the Solo.
Overlord - dead
Galvatron & Megatron - Furman's idea to have them as separate characters in IDW, for more creative freedom.
RID timing on Earth - currently a couple years ahead of us (about 2016 I guess).
Sixshot - not on the horizon
Springer & Wreckers - currently in a holding pattern (so not likely to see again for a while)
Spotlights - not on the horizon
stories by Furman - not on the horizon
First 13 and Alpha Trion to be revisited? - keep an eye on Windblade comic.


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