(griffin's 2014 BotCon adventure)


6.30am - wake up, get breakfast.

Dallas left at about 7am for a fan meet at the Sheraton, and he was then going to head off to the Custom Class after that.
I left at about 8am, going via the Sheraton to to see if the meet was still going, but it wasn't.

I found the usual signage in the foyer of the Sheraton, that I was used to seeing in previous years staying there.
The sign and program guide said 8.30am for the Thursday Tour, but the confirmation letter said 8.45am.  To be on the safe side, I wanted to be there by 8.15am anyway.


Outside, on the way to the tour pick-up point, signage of the day's events.

At the pick-up point at about 8.15am... a quiet Wednesday morning looking across to the Paseo shopping precinct.

This was where there used to be a grocery store that I'd frequently use on previous years... but since 2011 it had closed up.

The Convention Centre.

The bus was already there when I got there, and a small group of people.  We had to get our names checked off the list, and get name-tag stickers, then wait until quarter to nine to get on the bus.

8.45am - Tour (Los Angeles) - Green Street

8.00am-4pm - Custom Class - Conference Center Room 211

5.00pm - GT Club Store - Ballroom D

6.00pm - Regular Package Pickup - Ballroom B
6.00pm - Club Store open - Ballroom D

As usual, the Thursday tour was late to return (although this time, it was due to bad traffic that took us 2 hours to get from Santa Monica to Pasadena), so it was already 6.10pm when we got to the Club Store.
This was the queue for Package Pickup of people who weren't Golden Ticket or on any Wednesday/Thursday events.

Fortunately for me, the slow pace of the Club Store actually worked in our favour, as they hadn't started letting in non-Golden Ticket holders by the time we got there.  After a little convincing to the person at the door, those of us on the Tour who had Golden Tickets, were let in.

I was worried that being at the end of the 100 Golden Ticket holders, I'd miss out on some Retail items that FunPub usually sell (often there is something new in stores that I want), but this year they didn't have anything... so good and bad for me I suppose.  Good that I didn't miss out by being late, but bad that they didn't have anything else I could buy that I'd have to spend more on elsewhere.

After I purchased the items I wanted, and the limit on the at-show toys for others (took about 30 minutes), I took photos of the signage and display items, and headed back to the Inn to take photos of what I got.

The boxset and attendee figure.

Knight/Autobot 3-pack.

Pirate/Decepticon 2-pack.

Clones 2-pack.

Kreon 6-pack.

The display case outside the Ballroom of the toys.

Clones 2-pack and Knights 3-pack.

Pirate 2-pack, Kreon 6-pack.

Subscription figures Chromedome and Treadshot.

Hat, program guide/comic, t-shirt.

Items also available (some in really limited quantities).
Custom Class figure (unpainted - helps prevent people taking up places in the Custom Class that are only intending to resell the toy).

This year's litho poster - no signed edition this year.

Autograph cards - of characters or people that are at the convention to sign. They were sold as an uncut sheet or as two sets of nine cards in a collector card holder.

Included were four "chase" cards - one per set of nine cut cards.  I haven't asked yet what these are meant to represent, to see if they were included for a reason. If I get to find out later, I'll add it here.

This is what the backs of the cards looked like (and the two chase cards I got).  Dallas wanted a Windcharger, so I swapped mine for his Squeezeplay.

Four of the autograph cards were also available in A4 size.

The hat and t-shirt.

The items I got, still in their packs.

A closer look at the toys in their individual bags.

The biocards.







The Kreons - homaging 6 previous BotCon toys.  (the black packs were inside ziplock bags because there were two missing bits, so had to be added later without opening up all those sealed black bags)


Unfortunately, they didn't come with instructions.  This was all we got in the pack, which made it challanging to build when you can only see one side... so I took several photos of the display case Kreons to help out people who got these.








This was what mine looked like when I finished building both modes.


Comparison photo time, with any previous toy versions...

Gen1 Pounce and Wingspan

BotCon 2005 Flare Up and Flame War.

BotCon 2001 Apelinq.

BotCon 2007 Alpha Trion.

BotCon 2001 Shokoract.

Cybertron Brimstone.

Group shot of this year's BotCon toys. (Poses courtesy of my friend Julian)

And a retro group shot of their original versions.

Heading back to the Inn, I came across one of the many squirrels that seem to be all over Pasadena.  There seems to be a lot of wildlife wandering around Pasadena, as my first BotCon there in 2004 I came across a huge peacock showing off its tail feathers next to the Sheraton.
This guy looked like he was about to pounce on me.

So it was 7pm when I got back to the Inn, and Dallas had been back for a while (he was at the Custom Class, so was able to get into the Club Store early).
I took photos of the BotCon items I got, plus the comic I picked up during the day... one of the issues that included a page about the VIP tour of IDW at the 2013 BotCon. It took me a year to get one of these issues, and finally see the group photo... which I could only see my eyes behind someone else's head.

A shower and computer time later, it was about 2am by the time I got to sleep.

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