(griffin's 2014 BotCon adventure)

- SATURDAY  21st  JUNE -

I slept "late" until 7.30am, and we decided to go across the road to the food store as Dallas was looking for some things for the rest of the weekend (and I had been meaning to have a look in there, but never got a chance yet).
It was definitely an up-market, healthy food store with no junk food brands, or overly junky food at all.

One thing I found was a small pack of blue and white corn chips, and I was wanting to try them out.
The blue ones tasted the same as the white corn chips (which are harder corn chips to the yellow corn chips that Doritos brought to Australia in the 90s). I was a bit disappointed about that.

At about 8.30am I headed over to the Convention Centre, to buy more of the at-show toys for other Australians wanting them.


By the time I got to the dealer room at 8.45am, there was no line of people left buying extras, and FunPub still had not run out of any of the at-show figures.  So I bought up a heap to cover most of the people who had so far wanted them back home... asked for a big box to use for luggage (I got one on the Wednesday pickup and on Thursday night, giving me enough for the journey home), and headed back to the Inn.

9.10am - at the Inn for half an hour (probably checking over the numbers to see how many more I needed)
9.40am - leave for Convention Center
9.50am - took some photos before going into the Conference Center for the start of the day's panels.

The day's events.

Looking across to the Conference Center that holds the Panels.

The Ticket Booth this year, for the general public to gain access on the Saturday and Sunday.

The growing queue for the Panel Room.

Waiting for the first Panel to begin.  I wanted to get a good seat for this panel while there weren't too many people, so that I had seured a great spot for the next panel (Hasbro Toys).
Jim Sorenson was walking around, so I asked him about why his Legacy boxart book was delayed to January, and he said that it was indeed finished but is being held up by Hasbro (legal/approval). He said that it should be out by October, but the January date was put out as a worst case scenario date.


10-11 - PANEL - Rescue Bots Cast

11-12 - PANEL - Hasbro Toys

12-1 - PANEL - James Roberts (second panel - see his first panel if you missed it, as I used this time to dash back to the Dealer Room for photos and a couple more at-show figures for others)

1-2 - PANEL - Gen1 Female Voice Actors (Newark, Blu, Lofting)

2-3 - PANEL - Transformers Artists

3-4 - PANEL - Collector Club

4-5 - PANEL - Script Reading & Contest Winners announced


Since I stayed to take note of the Contest Winners, I wasn't able to get back to the Dealer Room before it closed for the day.

I headed back towards the Inn, but since I worked out that this was going to be the only time to try out the nearby Burger King, I decided to keep walking the extra couple of blocks past the Inn.
Even though we had the Golden Ticket dinner tonight, it was still a little over 2 hours away, and it didn't matter too much if I was too full to eat much of it.


Not much on the menu that was creative to sample, so I just got...
3 piece chicken(?) strips, heavily coated in BBQ sauce
Big King (their version of the Big Mac)
XL BBQ Cheeseburger (the long bun) as a meal with fries and drink
Onion rings (they had a sauce on a pump-tap... so I drowned them in it)

Back at the Inn at 6pm, I ate and checked over the messageboard.  Then got showered and dressed up in good clothes for the Golden Ticket dinner... leaving at about 7.30pm for the lower floor of the Conference Centre.

7.30pm - Golden Ticket Reception (Conference Center room 107)

At a quarter to nine I left the Golden Ticket dinner to get changed into comfortable clothes in the restroom (with my backpack), as I didn't want to be sitting through an hour or so in the Panel room with an uncomfortable tie, collar and trousers.
The Panel room was on the same floor, so was able to go straight in and get ready to take notes and photos.

9.00pm - PANEL - BotCon 20 years retrospective

9.45pm - PANEL - MSTF

Leaving the MSTF about 15 minutes in, I was back at the Inn by 10pm, and started packing so that it wasn't all left for Sunday night (because we have to leave early on Monday morning).

These were all the items I bought for other people - the photo was for proof to others, and self-amusement.

After packing all those things for other people, and anything I didn't need anymore, I spend a few hours on the computer, uploading photos, posting news and moderating the messageboard.

3.30am - later than I was planning, I went to sleep.

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