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Producer Brian Hohlfeld, dressed up as a particular Rescue Bots human who was based on his looks, introduced the rest of the panel.

It took a while for the panel to start, as the Voice Actors on the right were playing around for a bit first, being baited by the audience.

Brian (Producer) - Gregg (story Editor) - Nicole (story editor) - Jason Marsden (Cade)- Elan Garfias (Cody) - Shannon McKain (Graham) - Parvesh Cheena (Blades) - Steve Blum (Heatwave) - Imari Williams (Boulder).

Imari was a last minute addition, who wasn't even included in the program guide.


In terms of timing, Season 1 and half of Season 2 fit within Season 1 of TFPrime. The latter half of Season 2 would correlate with the start of Season 2 of TFPrime... which may or may not be relevant, as Rescue Bots will NEVER have Decepticons, and will not play a part in the TFPrime universe.
Other TFPrime Autobots/characters may appear in Rescue Bots, but we have to wait and see.
Same answer to the question of Female Bots... so maybe the next crossover character is Arcee.

No plans for a Rescue Bots Art book.

Hoist & Medix were never intended to be in the show.

Virgil was designed to homage the robot from "Lost in Space", and was even voiced by the actor who played Will Robinson.


Season Boxsets are unlikely, due to the demographic of the cartoon.

Mark Hamill will return as a guest, as will others that they didn't want to announce.

Season 3 is currently in production... and we saw a sneak peek B&W "animatic" of the first episode, with Heatwave transforming into a boat (like the new toy) and the appearance of a pterodactyl from a volcano.
The next season should start in the Fall (our spring-time)... which isn't far away.


Other random cartoon images on the projection screen...






After two successive years of Rescue Bots cast attendance, and many photos of them, one day we might get to see Elan smile.... either he was being forced to participate by his mum, or he's got a heck of a lot of stress on his mind for a kid his age.  I hope it was the former, as young kids shouldn't be looking so depressed for such extended periods of time like that.
I just felt sad for him, for not looking like he was enjoying himself as much as the other Voice Actors were, or at all.


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