(griffin's 2014 BotCon adventure)


(From left, and the characters they played in the script reading)
Samantha Newark - BW Sonar, Armada Sureshock
Parvesh Cheena - Rescue Bots Blades, RID Windsheer
Morgan Lofting - Shattered Glass Ravage
Michael McConnohie - RiD Hotshot, RiD Ironhide
Hal Rayle - Gen1 Snarl, Mystery Abductor's voice (Gen1 season 3 Skuxxoid)
Jack Angel - IDW Ultra Magnus
Sue Blu - IDW Tailgate, Animated Arcee


The script was about different characters from different series being abducted to fight each other, but end up teaming up to defeat the Skuxxoid.



Art contest and Filmfest winner announcements

At 5pm, the winners of the Art contest and Filmfest were announced, and prizes awarded... because there was no dinner event this year to do it.

(Check out the Art page to see who the non-winners were)

2D Drawn B&W
1 - Teletraan 1 : Behind the Music
(left one)

2 - Megatron : A New Autobot
(right one)

3 - Dinobots Vs Predacons
(right one)

2D Drawn Colour
1 - Big Bad Beast Wars Convoy
(right one)

2 - Broken Down Breakdown
(right one)

3 - Face Off
(left one)


2D CG Colour
1 - Probable Autobot Victory 0%

2 - Orion : Days of Future Past
(left one)

3 - More Than Meets The Cat's Eye
(right one)


Custom Figure
1 - Chris Latta

2 - Wreckers
(Impactor & Rack-n-Ruin)

3 - Gen1 Kreo-stator
(right one)


1 - 1/64 scale Gen1 Battle Scene

2 - The Little Battle for Cybertron

3 - First Aid Appliances


1 - G1 Started the Fire
2 - TFPrime - Out of Context
3 - I'm Number One

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