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Marty Isenberg (Producer) - Derek Wyatt (Art director) - David Kaye (Optimus) - Susan Blu (Voice Director)

Season 4 was fully mapped out before the series was axed, and the Animated Almanac covers most of it.
The series would have started out being on Cybertron, with Megatron escaping to Earth, and the Autobots going after him.
Jazz & Ironhide would have become part of the regular team, as Bulkhead would have stayed on Cybertron with Sari and Arcee.
Blurr was not planned to return, while Prowl would hang around as a ghost that could possess others.

Optimus was planned to be a Junior officer in Animated by the Executive Producers, to be something different to other series that had him as the prime leader. (they obviously didn't realise that the same thing was done in Beast Wars...)

David showed us how he had to squeeze his face from both sides to voice the Insecticons in TFPrime, which he regretted doing in the audition, as it was quite painful after a while.
He said it was great to be in the same room as Peter Cullen and Frank Welker during TFPrime.

Favourite guest voices
- Weird Al. Tom Kenny even snuck in with his kid to meet him, despite not being required to record lines that day.
- Lance Henrikson
- Judd Nelson
- Fred Willard
- John Moshitta

Corey Burton was agreed to be one of the best Megatron voices in Transformers.
David Kay wanted to do an evil Optimus, to sound like the BW Megatron.

Sue was a stutterer as a child and mistakenly put into the special-ed class at school, so got into voices to pass the time (her IQ was above average).
David got into voice acting from mimicking Teachers at school, and then got a job as a Radio DJ.

The Season 2 finale credit scene of the two heads floating in space was not originally scripted, but as the pair were ad-libbing, it was animated and added in.

Porter C Powell was not planned to be in more than one episode, but after seeing how he was drawn and voiced, they kept bringing back the character.

David Kaye mentioned that he's got a small part in the next cartoon series, and that Marty almost got to write an episode for it.


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