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Morgan Lofting (Moonracer, Firestar) - Samantha Newark (Aerial) - Sue Blu (Arcee & Animate Arcee, and voice director since Beast Wars)

Samantha Newark - also voiced Jem, which was her first animated role
Morgan Lofting - also voiced the Baroness. She wanted to voice something deep and gritty in Transformers but there were no female characters like that.
Sue Blu - also voiced a Misfit in Jem

All spoke highly of Director Wally Burr, but also noted that he was good at his job by getting his Voice Actors "throats to bleed" (figuratively speaking of course).

At that time there were very few Female roles in animation, but a lot of Execs and creative team are women.
Jem was the first cartoon to have a lead cast of females. (I guess She-Ra would have been the first if the main villain was female)

Favourite characters they voiced...
Morgan - Baroness, and a Ben10 character
Sam - Jem, and the evil crazy Jem
Sue - Arcee & Animated Arcee

Sue mentions a funny moment from the recording days of Beast Wars - Garry Chalk volunteered to record a big burp (probably for the Low Road), and proceeded to drink a can of cola for extra fizz... then when he did the burp, cola froth came up and sprayed the booth, leaving everyone laughing hysterically.

Sue - first Voice Directing role was with TMNT, and it took a lot of time and effort to be allowed to do it (being female). Once she went into directing she avoided doing voice roles, so that it allowed more women into the industry.
She has even appeared on-screen, with her last on-screen role in Friday the 13th Part 7.

Characters they wished they could have voiced...
Morgan - none
Sam - Jedda (from Jem) because she was British, and she was from England.
Sue - Sari (from Animated) and Blackarachnia (not sure if she was referring to a particular one)

Favourite people to work with...
Morgan - Gregg Berger (Grimlock)
Sue - Charlie Adler (Gen1 Silverbolt), Frank Welker (the rest of the cast)



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