(griffin's 2005 BotCon adventure)


The awards dinner was in Frisco 2-5, and they opened the doors to let us in at 7pm.

As soon as we were all seated, Brian welcomed us to the convention and had us join him in saying Grace before the food came out.

The first course was a salad and bread.
The beverages they were providing were water and iced tea.
What is with America and iced tea?  It seems to be the beverage of choice as it is often at the BotCon dinners and something I see on American TV shows.
I just don't see the appeal of it, as it is bland (it is basically chilled tea without milk or sugar).
In some respect I find it amusing, that a country famous for throwing tea into a harbour (220 years ago), and has an addiction to sweet things (being the fattest country in the world at this time), has it's most common beverage being unsweetened tea.

Then at 7.30pm came the main course - beef with mushroom sauce, rice broccoli and carrot.
We weren't given a choice or warning about the meal, so if there was anyone with special requirements (allergies, gluten/lactose intollerant, vegan), they had to just watch everyone else eat.

Finally for desert we had a baked cheesecake.

This was my photo taken fromt the back of the room.  Based on my other photos, I might have ended up sitting closer to the front, and might have taken this while walking in, or later in the evening.

This was from the stage. (image from FunPub's website)

8pm - Brian got up again to introduce and thank people, including the main guests and the Hasbro people.
He then announced that it was time for the Cybertronian Theatre script reading... calling up to the stage the Voice Actor guests and the two fans who won roles in the Script Reading.

The story was a continuation of this year's convention comic "Descent into Evil".
It has Flamewar survive the detonation of her spacecraft by means of a personal forcefield.
Some Predacons (that I didn't note) who are working for Megatron, find her and conduct tests, that first look like they are trying to recruit her, but then try to elliminate her.
I didn't note how it ended.
It was a very short story.

From left -  Wally Burr, the two fans who won roles, Michael Chain (in grey), the three Dobson brothers, as well as Pete (in white) & Brian.  On the keyboards playing background music was someone I didn't get to note.

This was a better photo of the four main voice actor guests. (image from FunPub's website)

My notes are very vague about this next bit, but I think the guy on the keyboard gave us a musical interlude, as I have written down some of the music titles from the 1986 movie score.
Even weirder is that this was followed up by the Dobson brothers singing a couple of songs. (possibly Transformers related or re-written songs to be Transformers themed)

8.40pm - Art contest and costume awards were announced next, with trophies and prizes handed out to any of them currently at the dinner. - These were noted in the Art Display page.
(one of the good things about these awards for FunPublications is that they only end up paying out a small portion of the prizes, due to people needing to be there to collect their prize, and then only have one of the three days in the dealer room to spend their non-cashable prize... including the club store, but most of the good things sell out well before the Sunday - its a bit of a tease, baiting people with prizes that have very limited usage)

8.50pm - Surprise table prize drawing.
Each person on the table of 10 was allocated a number from 1 to 10, and a single number was drawn (I guess on stage), and everyone who had that number on their table, got to keep what was in the red box in the middle of the table (a random Alternators toy).
Some of the Alternators toys I saw were Wheeljack, Windcharger, Battle Ravage, Shockblast and Decepticharge.
I didn't win on my table, and it made me wonder what happened on tables that had empty seats and none of the seated people had the winning number.

8.55pm - end of the dinner. (just about 2 hours)

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