(griffin's 2005 BotCon adventure)


The Art Contest was very small this year, due to the small turnout.

One of the judges this year was Hasbro Designer Aaron Archer.   No... he's not taking some notes for future toys, but it was coincedental that there was a War Within Grimlock in the Art Contest, some years before the Titanium came out.

Custom Toys.

War Within Grimlock - Won 1st Prize.

War Within Grimlock in robot mode later in the weekend, plus Rack-n-Ruin, and Impactor.

Masterpiece Powermaster Optims Prime - won 2nd Prize.

Arcee on Custom Card - Won 3rd Prize.

War Within Sunstorm.

Beast Machines Botanica - Alternators Shadow Panther.

Team Maximus.

Masterpiece Nemesis Prime.


Drawn Art.

Almost 10 years (won 1st Prize) - Swerve's Story (won 3rd Prize)

(Better image - from FunPub's website)

(Better image - from FunPub's website)

The Matrix (a photo if I recall), Alternators Wheeljack (also a photo I believe), Puppets of Chaos.

(Better image - from FunPub's website)

Jetfire's Escape - Megatron Rock (I think it is a photo of a rock-face, but I don't see it) (actually won 2nd prize... just for a photo... seems really strange, when there was actual hand-drawn art that didn't win a prize)

(Better image - from FunPub's website)

Costumes (and contest).

Shockwave & Perceptor (the only two costumes this year).  Shockwave won the costume contest.

(Better image - from FunPub's website)

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