(griffin's 2005 BotCon adventure)


From left - Ben Yee (fan on council), Rik Alvarez (fan on counci), Brian Savage (owner of FunPub), Lanny (Art director for toys & merchandise), Pete Sinclair (fan on council).

Ben Yee did most of this years Comic and Toys (characters, concepts & colours).
Brian noted that his wife Becky was also Administrator of Fun Publications (which would be expected if the business is owned by a husband or wife, it would be joint owned by the both... unless they don't trust the other).

Fun Publications have a 5 year contract for the Conventions and Club licenses.
Hasbro actually approached FunPub to take over the club a day BEFORE OTFCC 2004 began. (Hasbro must have already known or were told by Hallit that he couldn't continue as the official club & convention... and maybe that's why there were no toys at OTFCC 2004, because Hallit wasn't able to pay for them and told Hasbro why.)

The plan is to have two Club exclusive toys each year.
Maybe the Seacon redeco set that has popped up on two different panels so far this year. (they ended up releasing it as a club exclusive in 2008)
Or maybe import some Takara exclusives.
Still working on things, so maybe Spring next year. (US spring is about April/May)

Something took 9 months to work on (probably this year's convention).

The 11 toys for the Convention this year had 150 colour "plates/shots". (plastic & paint colours?)

Next year's location and date not decided yet.
Probably late September-October.
It is impossible to have it mid-year because of scheduling and school. (??? not sure what that means... and 7 of the next 10 were mid-year anyway)

Hasbro apparently asked if FunPub could do it with their GIJoe convention.
The fan council was set up by Hasbro.

They might look at doing something with the BotCon Wreckers, only if the surveys ask for it.

Chromia toy - is meant to be Moonracer, but the name didn't clear, so they went with a related name rather than a similar name (like Fallback being Outback).

No plan to colate the comic in the Club Magazine. (but they did later)

The Convention will stay as a Four Day event.  (???  It's been a five day event since 2006... but they never acknowledge the Wednesday in their official dates for some strange reason)

(something I asked later in the Dealer Room)
The distribution of the Club newsletter in Australia - it is sent in bulk to Australia (possibly to Hasbro Australia) and DHL distribute them. (this obviously changed, as newsletter envelopes were arriving later with foreign post-markings)

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