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From left: Paul - Brian - Michael.

Yes, they are brothers.

Their main roles in Transformers...

Brian Dobson -
Armada - Red Alert, Sentinel Minor
Cybertron - Red Alert, Clocker
Go-Bots (Playskool) - Silver-Bot, Strong-Bot

Michael Dobson -
Armada - Starscream
Energon - Starscream, Signal Flare
Cybertron - Starscream, Brakedown, Colonel Franklin, Ernesto

Paul Dobson -
Beast Machines - Tankor, Obsidian, Diagnostic Drone
Armada - Sideways, Nemesis Prime
Energon - Rodimus, Superion Maximus
Cybertron - Landmine, Overhaul, Signal Lancer
Go-Bots (Playskool) - Aero-Bot

Scott McNeill (best known for Beast Wars Rattrap, Dinobot, Waspinator & Silverbolt) got them into Voice Acting.
Michael was a live-role actor.  He met with Scott, who talked him and his brothers into Voice Acting and introduced them to the right people.

Paul was on Reboot, as the character Matrix.

The Unicron Trilogy (Armada - Energon - Cybertron) was recorded as ADR (active dialogue replacement), which records the lines AFTER the animation is drawn... which is a lot harder and time-consuming for Voicec Actors.  Recording is often 6-12 hours per day, and when it is really busy they can be recording for 7 days a week for 15 hours per day.
ADR recording would sometimes require them to adjust the length or speed of the dialogue during the recording sessions, if the lines didn't fit the animation timings. (especially as the Unicron Trilogy was being translated from Japanese)

The Voice Actors were told to do accent changes for returning characters in Cybertron, but not told why.

Michael auditioned for the role of Armada Cyclonus, but was offered Starscream instead.

They never see or watch a majority of their recordings/roles.

Their Favourite Roles...
Michael - Armada Starscream, Cobra Commander.
Paul - Energon Rodimus, Cybertron Landmine, Reboot's Matrix, MOTU Trapjaw (likes evil characters most though).
Brian - MOTU Skeletor, King Hiss.

Voice Acting has been growing in recent years because of the increase in CGI cartoons and Computer Games... but is still very competitive.

The brothers compete for roles, but (apparently) have covered for each other occasionally. (I think that means they have voiced lines when one is missing during a shared recording)

They have recorded up to Episode 17 of Cybertron at the time of this weekend. (which could be episode 18, or thereabouts, as the first two episodes were re-edited to result in one half of the story being episode 52)

Michael - Paul - Brian (image from FunPub's site)

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