BOTCON  -  GENERATION&nbs six display cases this year, and these photos are ordered to go from the left display case to the right display case.
Case 1 - Store exclusives, Beast Wars 10th Anniversary, Star Wars Transformers
Case 2 - Alternators
Case 3 - TFCybertron Deluxe
Case 4 - TFCybertron Legends, Basic, Minicons.
Case 5 - TFCybertron Voyager, Ultra.
Case 6 - TFCybertron Leader, Supreme.

All images were taken on Friday unless noted as "Saturday", as some of the toys were added to the display cases after the Hasbro Panel on Saturday.
DATES & PRICES here are all American.
Some toys were not named in the display case, but I have named them according to what they ended up being released as.

Case 1 - Store exclusives, Beast Wars 10th Anniversary, Star Wars Transformers

Top Shelf
- TF Universe Snowcat (Kaybee - Fall 2005 - $10)
- Masterpiece Optimus Prime (20th Anniversary edition)
- TF Universe Downshift (Kaybee - Fall 2005 - $10)
Second Shelf
- Commemorative Series IX (reissue) Astrotrain (HasbroToyShop - DEC 2005 - $TBA)
- Hard Heroes Cyclonus (not by Hasbro - space filler until the new toys were added after their announcement at the Hasbro Panel)

Third shelf
- TF Universe Longhaul & Hightower (Target - March 2006 - $20)
- TF Universe Bonecrusher & Scavenger (Target - March 2006 - $20)
- TF Universe Overbite & Repugnus (Target - March 2006 - $20)
Fourth shelf
- TFCybertron Starscream Vs Vector Prime (ToysRUs - OCT 2005 - $30)
- TFCybertron Ultra Magnus & Optimus Prime (Costco - Fall 2005 - $32)

Second shelf (Saturday)
- Beast Wars 10th Anniversary Waspinator.

- (front) Beast Wars 10th Anniversary Rhinox, Cheetor, Waspinator.
- (back) Transmutate (constructed from six parts - each part is packed in with one of the six Beast Wars Anniversary toys)

Third shelf (Saturday) Star Wars Transformers
- General Grevious (droid wheel-bike)
- Darth Vader (Advanced Tie Figher)

- Obi Wan (Jedi Starfighter)
- Luke Skywalker (X-wing)

Case 2 - Alternators (all $20)
First shelf - Decepticharge, Shockwave, Sunstreaker.
Second shelf - Battle Ravage, Windcharger, Wheeljack, Swerve


Third shelf - Swindle, Grimlock, Tracks, Jazz
Fourth shelf - Deadend, Silverstreak, Hound, Sideswipe, Smokescreen

First Shelf (Saturday) - Alternators Skids.

Alternators Skids (new packaging style) & Mirage (grey prototype)


Case 3 - TFCybertron Deluxe $10

(bad photo - sorry)
First shelf - Brimstone (new Decepticon Pteradon), Thunderblast (new Deccepticon boat), Cybertron Defense Hotshot (new Autobot armoured vehicle), Downshift (new Autobot car).
Second shelf - Longrack (remould Armada Hoist Autobot), Blurr (remould Armada Blurr Autobot), Sideways (new Decepticon jet), Buzzsaw (remould Armada Cyclonus Decepticon).

Third shelf - Snarl (new), Runamuck (remould Armada Sideswipe Decepticon), Red Alert (new), Sideways (new).
Fourth shelf - Hotshot (new), Thundercracker (new), Landmine (new), Dirtboss (new).

Case 4 - TFCybertron Legends $3, Basic/Scout $7, Minicons (2-packs $5 - 3-packs $7).

First Shelf, back row - (Legends) Starscream, Hotshot, Megatron, Optimus Prime (plus four duplicates in packaging).
First Shelf, front row - (Legends) Evac, Leobreaker, Jetfire, Red Alert, Vector Prime, Galvatron (redeco), Soundwave, Ramjet, Skywarp, Scourge.
Second shelf, back row - (3-pack Minicons) Jolt (helicopter), Six-Speed (green car), Reverb (blue off-road) - Oval (blue car), Backtrack (yellow car), Spiral (red car). (plus duplicates in packaging)
Second shelf, front row - (2-pack Minicons) Skylynx (jet) Vs Thunderblast (missile truck), Razorclaw (stealth bomber) Vs Steamhammer (missile tank), Shockwave (stealth jet) Vs Tankor (dual missile tank), Scattorbrain (snowplow) Vs Monocle (drill), Payload (off-road) Vs Ascentor (tank), Landslide (excavator) Vs Kabushi (buggy)

Third shelf - (basic/Scout) Backstop (new rhino), Lugnutz (new motorcycle), Brushguard (redeco Overhaul), Swerve (redeco Clocker), Swindle (redeco Hardtop), Armorhide (new truck), Wreckloose (new lizard).
Fourth shelf - (basic/Scout) Clocker (new car), Hardtop (new buggy), Scattorshot (new armed vehicle), Overhaul (new offroad), Undermine (new dino), Brakedown (new "car"), Ransack (new bike).

Second shelf (Sunday) - Red Ramble/Scrapmental (on top of a Japanese blue Ramble)

Case 5 - TFCybertron Voyager $20, Ultra $25.

First shelf - (Ultra) Wing Saber, Cybertron Defense Red Alert.
Second shelf - (Ultra) Jetfire, Scorponok, Scourge.
Third shelf - (Voyager) Leobreaker, Evac, Nemesis Breaker (redeco Leobreaker).
Fourth shelf - (Voyager) Crumplezone, Vector Prime, Mudflap.

Wing Saber, Cybertron Defense Red Alert.

Jetfire, Scorponok, Scourge.
Leobreaker, Evac, Nemesis Breaker.

First Shelf (Saturday) - Soundwave with Laserbeak (new Voyager).

Cybertron Defense Scattorshot (new Voyager).

Third shelf (Saturday) - Dark Crumplezone (redeco Voyager Crumplezone).

Case 6 - TFCybertron Leader $?, Supreme $40.
First shelf - Starscream (new Supreme)
Second shelf - Metroplex with Drillbit (new Leader)
Third shelf - Optimus Prime (new Leader) (also shown combined with Wingsaber on the left).
Fourth shelf - Megatron (new Leader)

First shelf (Saturday) - Primus (new Supreme)

Second shelf (Saturday) - Quickmix with Stripmine (new Voyager - pre-production prototype)

Second shelf (Saturday) - Menasor (Minicon not shown) (new Ultra - pre-production prototype).

Fourth shelf (Saturday) - Galvatron (redeco Leader Megatron)

Compilation of the release dates and details...

September 2005 release:
Dark Scorponok (Ultra)
Leobreaker (mega/Voy Auto)
Mudflap (mega/voy Decep)
Evac (mega/voy Auto)
Sideways (Del Auto/Decep)
Snarl (Del Auto)

Legends Ramjet (recol Starscream - Decep) (BotCon Excl)

Optimus and Magnus (RID trucks - US Costco Excl US$32)

Downshift (del Auto)
Snowcat (Del Decep)

Oct-Dec 2005 release:
Galvatron (Super Decep)
Cybertron Defense Red Alert (ultra Auto)
Soundwave w/ Laserbeak (ultra? Decep) (date TBC)
Brimstone (pteradon - Del Decep)
Crosswise (black car - Del Auto)
Thunderblast (boat - Del Decep)
Longrack (Del Auto)
Blurr (Del Auto)
Buzzsaw (Del Decep)
Runamuck (Del Decep)
Wreckloose (basic Decep)
Backstop (rhino - basic Auto)
Brushguard (recol Overhaul - basic Decep)
Backtrack, Oval, Spiral (Minicon 2-pack)
Shockwave Vs Tankor (Minicon 2-pack)
Sky Lynx Vs Thunderblast (Minicon 2-pack)
Razorclaw Vs Steamhammer (Minicon 2-pack)

Starscream Vs Vector Prime (TFC mega sized toys - TRU excl US$30)

ALT 17 Autobot Skids (Auto)
ALT 18? Sunstreaker (Auto)

CS9 Astrotrain (hasbrotoyshop.com excl - US$TBA)

Jan-Feb 2006 release:
Cybertron Defense Scattorshot (mega/voy Auto)
Dark Crumplezone (mega/voy Decep)
Cybertron Defense Hot Shot (Del Auto)
Downshift (Del Auto)
Swerve (recol Clocker - Basic Auto)
Swindle (recol Hardtop - Basic Decep)
Scattorbrain vs Monocle (Minicon 2-pack)
Payload Vs Ascentor (Minicon 2-pack)
Landslide Vs Kabushi (Minicon 2-pack)

BW 10th Anniversary

ALT Ricochet (black Silverstreak - Auto)
ALT Rollbar (orange Hound - Auto)

Mar-Apr 2006 release:
Skyshadow (recol Jetfire - Ultra Decep)
Wing Saber (ultra Auto)
Menasor w/ Heavyload (Ultra Decep)
Excillion (recol Hotshot - Del Auto)
Turbo Override (recol Override - Del Auto)
Lugnutz (motorcycle - Basic Decep)

Legends series 3
Red Alert (Cybertron Defense)
Vector Prime

BW 10th Anniversary (date TBC)
Transmetal Rattrap

ALT Optimus Prime (Dodge pick-up - Auto)

Hightower and Longhaul (ultra Decep - US Target excl US$20)
Bonecrusher and Scavenger (ultra Decep - US Target excl US$20)
Overbite and Repugnus (ultra Auto - US Target excl US$20)

Jun/Jul 2006 release:
Primus (Supreme)
Metroplex with Drillbit (Super Auto)
Nemesis Breaker (recol Leobreaker - Mega Decep)
Quickmix w/ Stripmine (mega/voy Auto)

ALT Mirage (Auto)

Sep 2006 release:
Unicron (tank - Deluxe)

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