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This year we had three Hasbro panels covering their Transformers toy products.  This one was mostly for unveiling their 2005-2006 toy products, and some would then be added to their display cases in the Dealer Room today (in the Hasbro Display page).

Hosting it was Aaron Archer (Design) and Greg Lombard (Marketing).... and as the photo below says, there are no photos for this page, just my notes.


First up, a Movie update.
- Release date was announced at SDCC for July 4th 2007.
- It is by Dreamworks & Paramount, with Steven Spielberg as Exectutive Producer and Michael Bay as Director.
- Hasbro are still waiting for the final script. (it is still almost two years away)

Transformers Cybertrton
- The toyline/series is scheduled to run from August 2005 (last month) until end of 2006. (already contradicting yesterday's panel that said it would continue until mid-2007, and Sunday's panel will say why)
- The cartoon will be on Kids WB until the end of 2005, then on Cartoon Network for 2006.

Toys shown...

- brown/black redeco Crumplezone - Decepticon
- Nemesis Breaker (black/silver Leobreaker) - Decepticon
- black/purple redeco Jetfire - Decepticon
- red/gre/black redeco Override
- Excellion (red/yellow Hotshot - Hotrod colours)

New moulds
- Cybertron Defence Hotshot
- Cybertron Defence Red Alert
- Cybertron Defence Scattorshot
- Downshift (black/green car)
- Lugnutz (motorcycle)
- Soundwave (blue jet) & Laserbeak

Giant Planet - Construction vehicles, Giants with Minicons
- Menasor -  drill/excavator (with Heavyload minicon) - Ultra - April 2006
- Quickmix - cement mixer (with Stripmine minicon) - Mega - July 2006
- Metroplex - excavator (with unnamed minicon) - Super - unknown date
- Primus - Cybertron planet (with a bonus mystery feature not on the Takara version) - June/July/Fall 2006 (the mystery feature ended up being the Unicron head)
- Unicron - tank - Deluxe - unknown date
(dates were revealed in the Hasbro display)

- four Retail waves (12 unique, 4 redecos)
- US$4 each
- 2 Convention exclusives (we found later that it was Skywarp & Ramjet)

Minicon 2-packs (Battle packs - Autobot vs Decepticon)
- 12 packs of redecos
- US Fall 2005 (Sept) to US Spring 2006 (Mar/Apr)
- new mould Minicons from Sept 2006 (I think these ended up being released in the Classics line at the end of 2006, and resorted into 3-packs - which would explain why they don't fit the Classics aesthetic)

- Six new cars and Four redecos planned for 2006 (this didn't end up happening, as the line was axed during 2006, with some ending up as Walmart and SDCC exclusives )
- New packaging style for the new year (bubble on top of a cardboard base)
- Re-releasing early wave products by April next year.

New Alternators
- Ricochet (black Smokescreen) - Feb 2006
- Rollbar (orange Hound) - Feb 2006
- Optimus Prime (new - Dodge Ram SRT 10) - May 2006 - slightly larger but same price point.
- Mirage (new - Ford GT) - June 2006 - licensing was only just given in the last couple of weeks (the grey prototype was in the dealer room, so Hasbro risk a lot of money on designing these if they don't get licensing)

Beast Wars 10th Anniversary
- Six toys in the main set, all Deluxe
- January 2006
- US$15
- Includes a DVD with a single episode AND bonus toy part to build Transmutate
- Each is recoloured to better resemble the cartoon, including allegiance symbols painted on them.

Wave 1 (JAN 2006) - Rhinox, Cheetor, Waspinator
Wave 2 (APR 2006)- Dinobot, Transmetal Rattrap, Tarantulas

Plus, late 2006 will see a new Deluxe Megatron & Optimus Primal.
Something was noted about a chip feature that I didn't understand at the time. (I later realised that these were TFCybertron toys with Cyber Keys, that were being recoloured and released in the BW 10th packaging - and brough forward to mid-2006, which ended up leapfrogging in before their TFCybertron release)

No other Beast Wars anniversary toys are planned beyond these.

- Gen1 Astrotrain reissue - December 2005 - HasbroToyShop exclusive
- TF Universe Constructicons 2-packs (redeco RID Build Team) - March 2006 - Target (TBC - if not, they will be sold at the HasbroToyShop)
- Seacons (redeco set shown at the Rarities panel yesterday) - ready to go but still trying to find a store for them because of the effort put into finding and testing the moulds, as well as the recolouring, bio and packaging.

Star Wars Transformers
- Eleven planned for 2006, from January
- No continuity connection to either universe, they are just transforming Star Wars vehicles.
- Showed Luke/X-wing, Darth Vader/ Tie Advanced, Droid tank/General Grevious, Jedi fighter/Obi Wan. & Boba Fett/Slave-1.

Titanium Transformers
- Die-cast figurines
- 3 inch (about 8cm)
- from August 2006
- Showed Unicron, War Within Optimus, Gen1 Starscream

- Battle Figure game
- 24 different figures from June 2006

A promo video was played, from SDCC, for the new movie... with the title "Prepare to be Transformed".

Will there be another Transformers computer game? - not until the 2007 Movie.

Will we be getting all three coloured Spider Tanks (Ramble from Galaxy Force - was called Scrapmetal in TFCybertron)? - No.  The orange version first, and maybe another colour later.
(we ended up getting the yellow version mid-2006 - Japan had orange, blue and yellow versions)

The next event was Costume Contest in the Dealer Room, which can be seen on the Saturday Page or on the Art page.
At noon was a repeat of the IDW panel, which was already covered on Friday at noon.

The next new panel is at 1pm - Collector Club

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