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- FRIDAY 23rd SEPT - 10am - TOY RARITIES -

No photos were allowed for the slide-show, but a handful of toys were on display that we were allowed to photograph at the end.

The panel was hosted by (J.E.) Rik Alvarez, who was one of the volunteer staff this year for being on the "Transformers Council".

Very little was shown that hasn't been printed in one of the many guidebooks or websites/ebay auctions, but it was a very good presentation for the those who don't scour the internet (or the general public who will be able to see this panel when it is redone the next day).

- The First section was on rare actual figures, which was mostly Takara stuff, like the lucky draw figures that often ranged from just 10 units to 100.
- The Second section was on factory samples, which are often 5-10 test-shot, reference samples that get produced before production starts and are often seen on Ebay. Most figures are done in transparent plastic, and not always clear white either. There were also some totally chromed pieces shown as well, which looked great.
- The Third section was on unreleased figures, many of which were G2 items and things shown at the Hasbro display at BotCon 94.

The first section, of rare figures that were released somewhere, but may have been as little as two units.

Takara Gen1 Verses sets
- VSX - Convoy Verses Megatron - released
- VSY - Grimlock Verses Soundwave and Frenzy - released
- VSZ - Skids and Sunstreaker Verses Buzzsaw - released
- VSA - Superion Verses Menasor - unreleased, but apparently two of this set was produced.

Hasbro Gen1
- (Canada) Pepsi Prime - released
- (France) red foot Optimus Prime - released
- (Mexico) solid nosecone Seekers (I think instead of rubber) - released
- (Canada) Springer & Ricochet (can't remember what these were)
- (Europe) Red Tracks - released

Takara Gen1
- Prowl (can't remember what was significant about this one)
- Headmaster heads (Kirk, Lione, Loafer, Shuffler, Trizor, Rodney) - released
- Guard City - released

Takara Lucky Draw
- Junior set (Convoy, Rodimus, Fortress, Ginrai, Starsaber)
- Gold Rodimus (100 produced)
- Blue Ultra BW Optimus Primal (10 produced)
- Silver BW Transmetal Optimus Primal
- Gold BW Transmetal Optimus Primal
- Silver BW Transmetal Megatron
- Gold Lioconvoy (10 produced)
- Galva-Lioconvoy (10 produced)
- Gold Gen1 Convoy (gold smokestacks & rims)
- Clear Gen1 Sixshot
- Black Gen1 Sixshot
- Black Car Robots Fire Convoy (100 produced)
- Micron Legend (Armada) Ice Magnus (100 produced)
- Black Micron Legend Megatron
- Gold Superlink (Energon) Optimus
- Gold Superlink Rodimus
- Gold Masterpiece Convoy (20 produced)
- Green Micron Legend Unicron (10 produced)

The Second section, of Factory Samples of recent Gen1 Reissues (5-10 test-shots produced for toys before full production begins, to make sure the moulds still work, often in odd colours)
- Clear Jazz
- Clear Prowl
- Translucent black & blue Riccochet
- Clear Silverstreak
- Clear Tracks
- Clear Sideswipe
- Clear Skids
- Translucent green Inferno
- Clear Inferno
- Clear Optimus Prime with trailer
- Clear/green/white/blue Houd
- Clear Starscream
- Translucent yellow Starscream
- Translucent black Starscream
- Translucent Gen1 colours Starscream
- Clear Astrotrain
- Clear Soundwave
- Clear Minibot set
- Clear Hotrod
- Clear Megatron
- Shiny silver Optimus (maybe testing for lucky draw?)
- Shiny silver Starscream
- Shiny coloured Starscream
- Shiny blue "Thundercracker"
- Shiny yellow "Sunstorm"
- Shiny silver Soundwave

It was noted that clear plastic figures yellow/cloud fast, even when kept out of the light.

The Third section, of Unreleased figures (in varying stages of mockup-prototype-testshot-samples)
- Micromaster playset (grey prototype)
- Micromaster command centre with 2 vehicles (grey prototype)
- Actionmaster suit with snap-on parts (grey prototype)
- Actionmaster vehicle
- 1986 organic pods (looks like Krang from TMNT)
- Gen1 Unicron concept prototypes (both versions)
- JP Beast Wars Neo Unicron prototype
- 1986 GIJoe Transformers crossover toy (it might have been this)
- Modified Gen1 Gnaw/Sharkticon
- Gen2 Hero Optimus in dark blue
- Gen2 Hero Megatron in army camo (see photos below)
- Gen2 Desert Attack Ramjet (shown as light blue & grey, but a desert camo version is also known that had a proposed name of Sandstorm, so this colour version might have been a different name and Desert Attack is Sandstorm)
- Gen2 First Aid, Streetwise, Groove, Blades.
- Gen2 Dragstrip, Dead End, Wildrider (Breakdown was produced for BotCon 1994)
- Gen2 Motormaster
- Gen2 Sergeant Hound (Autoroller redeco)
- Gen2 General Optimus (Autoroller redeco)
- Gen2 Soundwave (lasercycle redeco)
- Gen2 Jazz (lasercycle redeco)
- Gen2 Megatron & Starscream (Dreadwing redeco)
- Gen2 Gobots (unnamed Jeep & Car)
- Gen2 Gobot launcher/truck with Greasepit Gobot (redeco Soundwave)
- Gen2 Black Camera Megatron (a mockup made from a Gen2 Tank Megatron)
- Beast Wars Tarantulas and Scorponok with translucent parts (as seen in promo pictures)
- BW Green Ramulas (based on a BotCon character)
- JP Beast Wars Lioconvoy in pale green & blue
- Assorted Beast Machines packaging concept styles.
- Beast Machines Megabolt Megatron concept with no spider-legs to be more show accurate.
- JP Black Rodimus (could be the reissue)
- JP Worlds Smallest Transformers Tracks & Skids
- Transtech Starscream (a number of Transtech toys made it to prototype stage and are in the Hasbro vaults)
- Universe Astrotrain (redeco Armada Jetfire) (this was noted as abandoned by Hasbro - it was released next year by FunPub, which probably only happened because it was shown off this year)
- Redeco Gen1 Seacons (this was also noted as being abandoned by Hasbro, due to not enough units being wanted by retailers to pay for it - the Collector Club released them in 2008)
- Black Energon Megatron (noted as being a Target exclusive that was cancelled)
- "Santa" Redeco Energon Optimus (red/white body with black drones) (also noted as a Target exclusive that was cancelled)
- Menasor (redeco European Thunderclash to look like Gen1 Motormaster)
- Light blue Jetstorm  (Beast Machines Ultra?)
- Toxitron (yellow/black Gen2 Laser Rod Optimus)
- "Safety" Megatron (Gen1 Megatron with bright orange and shiny blue to make it legal in America, but didn't rate well, so was abandonned)
- Laser Rod Optimus with Armada Megatron colours (green, grey, purple).

Toys on display at the end of the panel - Gold Galaxy Force (Cybertron) Convoy, Gold Superlink (Energon) Omega Supreme.

Two different unreleased Gen2 Hero Megatron in camo colouring, redeco Beast Machines Megabolt to be more cartoon accurate (Takara ended up releasing a more cartoon accurate version), Clear Optimus/Convoy test-shot, a varient of Gen1 Twintwist (not surewhat was different about it), black Superlink (Energon) Megatron.

Silver Galaxy Force (Cybertron) Convoy.

Some of the unreleased toys that had popped up online leading up to this convention that I had on file.  None of these images are mine, but most were from ebay.

This was the jet mode of the redeco Energon Megatron that was on the table above.

The redeco Armada Jetfire as Astrotrain, which would be released by the Collector Club a year later.

And the redeco Seacons that was also released by the Collector Club, but three years later.


Host of the panel, Rik - Image from FunPub's website.


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