(griffin's 2005 BotCon adventure)


5.40am - I woke up early from the junk I ate last night that gave me a night of restless sleep, so I went downstairs to the Computer room and use the (single) free computer while there was no one else to share it with.  Other times of the day if someone else wanted to use it, I would give it up so that I wasn't selfish. (someone came after I was on it for about 40 minutes, so I got off for them)
I was checking the Australian messageboard and posted up some news from the Convention so far.... which was good timing for back home for the fans reading my news, because 5.30am in Texas was 8.30pm in Eastern Australia (and 6.30pm in WA).

6.30am - Returned to the room, and now that Chris was awake I was able to clean up and change, ready for the day.
We went down to have the free breakfast from 7.30 to 8am) and it was really good.

A bit before 9am I headed down to the panel room for the first BotCon panels of the day.

9am - PANEL - Dobson Brothers Voice Actors (Paul, Micheal, Brian) (Frisco 8-9)
10am - PANEL - Transformers Rarities (hosted by Rik Alvarez)
11am - PANEL - Hasbro/Takara Working Together (Past & Present)
noon - PANEL - IDW Comics

1pm - at the end of the IDW panel I headed up to the my room, passing by the Dealer Room, which was almost ready to be opened...

At around 1.30pm I headed back down to the Panel Room to catch some of the Script Reading auditions. (not sure why I went up to my room... I must have needed something, or was hungry)

1pm - Transformers Idol - Script Reading try-outs for fans (judging by Wally Burr & Pete Sinclair)
This was held in the Dealer Room at 1pm, before the Dealer Room opened at 2pm.  It was to have two fans voice roles in the Saturday Night Script Reading at the Awards Dinner.

I only caught a few minutes of it, after being up in my room for the first half, and then going early to the Dealer Room to line up before it opened.
It was only the try-outs and I wasn't trying out... so I figured that the finals tomorrow morning would be more interesting to watch/prioritise.

The judges were Pete Sinclair (FunPub) and Wally Burr (Gen1 Voice Director), with Rik Alvarez in the middle (not sure if he was judging or spectating).
(image from FunPub's website - I only took a photo of the Saturday session)

2-5pm - DEALER ROOM open (Frisco Grand Ballroom)

Since it looks like I only bought one toy today (based on the photo at the end of this page), I must have spent most of the 3 hours taking photos and details of the Hasbro toy display and the Art contest, as well as photos of things around the Dealer Room.
(I find that odd, especially since I ended up with 17 toys from the Dealer Room this year, but I just can't find any evidence of buying any others on the Friday)

5pm - Close of the Dealer Room... back to the room and get ready for the night activities.

7pm - Casino Night & Charity Auction (Frisco 1-2)

8.30pm - back to the room, watching TV. (way to early - I don't know what I must have been thinking... I must have had money to earn bidding dollars because I was buying toys in the Dealer Room over the weekend, or should have at least hung around for the auction - something I regret missing)

Midnight - sleep

Apparently this is my Haul at the end of Friday, which must mean that I only managed to get two toys from the Dealer Room today (Cybertron Mudflap & freebie Legends Ramjet).

A better group photo back at home.

TFC Dark Scorponok, Override, Red Alert (from Wednesday)
Armorhide, Undermine, Breakdown (from Thursday)
Boxset - Deathsaurus, Ironhide, Riccochet, Dirge, Buzzclaw, Chromia, Fallback
Attendee - Flamewar
Big pair - Ratchet, Flareup
Small pair - Virulent Clone, Virulent Clone
TFC Mudflap
Legends Ramjet (Hasbro freebie)

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***All pictures in this convention report are mine unless noted. Any that are borrowed, have the source credited/noted.  If you want to use/borrow any of my photos, please credit the source as well. I try to take as many of my own photos as possible, and usually only resort to using others if I failed to get something, or my photo wasn't clear enough.

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