(griffin's 2005 BotCon adventure)


5am - I got up early today to use the free internet computer downstairs, because there were other people wanting to use it during daylight hours, so I could only get a couple of minutes before having to share it.  At this time of day I was able to sit on it for a couple of hours to post up news on the Ozformers fansite as well as details on my own trip.

7am - back to the room for a quick shower, before heading down for breakfast by half past.

8am - again in the room for my backpack and note-taking supplies, and down to the Convention centre for the day.

8:30am - DEALER ROOM open (Frisco Grand Ballroom)

I was in the Dealer Room for about an hour first, before popping my head into the Panel Room (Frisco 8-9) at about 9.30am to check out the Finals for the Script Reading tryouts.

9am - Transformers Idol - Script Reading FINALS for fans (judging by Wally Burr & Pete Sinclair) (Frisco 8-9)
Yesterday had the preliminary rounds, and today was the finals, in which the judges would narrow down the entrants to just two... for the Script Reading tonight at the Awards Dinner, alongside four of the Voice Actor guests.

I was only in here for about 10 minutes at around and took this photo.  Two hopefuls are at the table, while Wally & Pete are in the front row.

Pete & Wally judging, with Ben Yee (on the right) looking on. (image from FunPub's website)

The two winning fans with Wally Burr. (image from FunPub's website)

Since the Dealer Room was next to the Panel Room, I went back in there to look for more things to buy, until 10am for the Hasbro Panel.  The important one for the day.

10am - PANEL - Hasbro Toys

11am - Costume Contest (held in Panel Room)
This first year of FunPub's BotCon had a costume contest (which I think they dropped until 2015, which was ironic, as 2015 had a lower than normal turnout as well, but most of the years in between had a lot of creative costumes but no contest).
The two entrants for this year were Perceptor & Shockwave, with Shockwave being the winner by a narrow margin (if I recall, those still in the Panel Room were to raise their hands when each was named, and the hands were counted).
(second image is from FunPub's website)

Since the costume vote was pretty quick, I headed into the Dealer Room to take photos of the extra toys Hasbro put in their toy display after their panel this morning.
I then went back to my room to drop off today's purchases and waited until 1pm for the next panel I wanted to attend. (I skipped the noon panel because it was the second IDW panel, and it was likely to be the same as the first session yesterday).

1pm - PANEL - Original Series (Gen1) Voice Actors (Michael Chain & Wally Burr)
2:pm - PANEL - Transformers Club
3pm - PANEL - The Making of the 1986 Animated Movie (hosted by Paul Hitchens)
4pm - PANEL - Transformers Rarities (hosted by Rik Alvarez) (second session) - I attended this again to make sure I didn't miss writing down anything in the first session on Friday.
5pm - Close.... I went back to the room until the Awards dinner started at 7pm.

7pm - Awards Dinner & Script Reading (Frisco 2-5)

The dinner and script reading finished by 9pm, and I was back in the room and asleep by 10pm.

I couldn't sleep, so at around midnight I headed down to the computer room and was on there until 3am posting up today's events on the Ozformers fansite.

Back to the room at around 3am, I was now tired enough to get to sleep... for four and a half hours.

(no haul photo, as I didn't make a note of what toys bought on Saturday & Sunday were bought on which particular day)

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