(griffin's 2005 BotCon adventure)


7.45am - woke up after just 4 hours sleep, had breakfast downstairs and went back up to the room until 10am.
The complimentary buffet breakfast is awesome. I hope this is a feature at future BotCon hotels. It saves buying much food, and if you eat enough, it can keep you going almost all day. Plus, they had during the convention hours, a 'guest room' for pre-registered attendees, which had available for free, coffee, tea, cordial, popcorn and danishes. All that and the Saturday night awards dinner, you could almost go the whole weekend without having to buy any food.

The convention schedule for the Sunday was pretty light, and so it felt like it was over very quickly. A completely different feeling to Saturday, which conversely felt like the convention had been going a whole week, with all that was on that day.
So today there were only four panels on, and since three of them were repeat sessions from the first two days, I skipped two of them. I attended the 11am 1986 Movie panel (second session), and the noon Hasbro toy design panel.  The rest of the day was either in the dealer room or in the hotel room.

Looking back, I wasted a lot of time with these first few BotCons... retreating to the room when I should have been out exploring the host city or doing other fan things during convention hours (or even after hours with the in-room trading).
Anyways... since I didn't need to be in the panel room until 11am, I didn't go down to the covnention centre until after 10am... some 90 minutes after the Dealer Room had opened.  Even if I had run out of money, I should have been down there taking photos and spending more time looking through the various exhibits and dealer tables.  Instead, I was watching a "documentary" called Trekkies 2.  I had seen the first one some years ago, and it is essentially about scifi fans that are just as obsessed as us Transfans. We just have a lot less people dressed up in TF costumes.  The timing was interesting, being on TV while another scifi series (Transformers) was having its own convention for the more obsessed fans.

9:30am - DEALER ROOM open (Frisco Grand Ballroom)
10am - PANEL - Dobson Brothers Voice Actors (Frisco 8-9) (I skipped this to be in the Dealer Room)
11am - PANEL -  The Making of the 1986 Animated Movie (hosted by Paul Hitchens) (second session - I went to this and included any extra notes in the Saturday panel page)
12-2pm - PANEL - Hasbro Designing Transformers (2 hours)
2pm - PANEL - Original Series (Gen1) Voice Actors (I skipped this)

After the Hasbro panel ended at 2pm, I headed up to the room until 3.30pm to pack.
I'm not sure why, as I had tonight and tomorrow to pack... and I really should have attended the second session of the Gen1 Voice Actors panel.  I think I skipped it because the first session on Saturday didn't really reveal much, and they didn't do any lines in-character, so I must have figured that it was a waste sitting through another hour of that.  But I heard later that Michael Chain did at least one line in-character, which was a shame that I missed it.

So I was up in the hotel room with a big box I got from the Club Store, packing my toys away for the trip home tomorrow.  I didn't have any packing tape, so I must have bought some later that night, as I now have it noted on my "travel packing list" to include tape when travelling to future BotCons (and other toy related adventures).
Time got away from me while in the hotel room packing, as I missed the prize drawing for tickets and domestic flights to the 2006 convention at 3pm... but I did get down to the Dealer Room just before it officially closed at 3.30pm.
I offered to help the organisors with their packing up and dismantling of the convention because I didn't have much else to do now (and I wanted to help the new organisors), but they said they had enough help already. They did give me a copy of the fifth Club newsletter issue for free, either for offering, or just because they had some spare to give out.

It was officially over for another year... and seeing the dismantling of the Dealer Room is always a sad sight to witness after 3-4 days of intense activities and fan excitement.

So I was straight back up to the room (3.45pm), and I headed over to the Stonebriar Centre for something to eat (pizza).
4.30pm - back in the room and watching some TV.

I ended up falling asleep by 6.30pm, from two days of pre-dawn waking up to use the Hotel's free internet computer.
At 2am I woke up and decided to go down to use the computer for some final report posting on the Australian Transformers fansite.

5am - back to the room and back to sleep for another 3 hours.

My Total Haul at the end of Sunday.... which was the total haul for the trip as I didn't find anything else on the Monday.

Wednesday retail - TF-Cybertron Dark Scorponok, Override, Red Alert
Thursday retail - TF-Cybertron Armorhide, Undermine, Breakdown
Boxset - Deathsaurus, Ironhide, Riccochet, Dirge, Buzzclaw, Chromia, Fallback
Attendee - Flamewar
Big pair - Ratchet, Flareup
Small pair - Virulent Clone, Virulent Clone
Dealer Room Friday.
TFC Mudflap,
Legends Ramjet (Hasbro freebie)
Dealer Room Saturday/Sunday.
JP Worlds Smallest Transformers Convoy
JP WST Trailer
JP WST red Bumble (actually called Bumble, not Cliff)
BotCon 2003 HOC Sunstorm
JP Robotmasters Skywarp & Thundercracker (2-pack)
TF-Energon Wideload
JP Beast Wars II Autolauncher
TF-Universe Soundwave & Spacecase, (2-pack)
TF-Universe Frostbite
BW Walmart Rattrap
BW Fox Kids Dinobot,
BW Fox Kids Tarantulas
BW UK Transmetal Spittor
BW UK Transmetal Clawjaw

That's a total of 35 toys and 1 figurine (HOC Sunstorm), bringing my total collection count at that time to 1161 toys. (figurines don't count to the collection count)

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