(griffin's 2015 BotCon adventure)


This was just a panel of some Transformers artists answering questions.  They didn't show any art.
(in case you didn't realise it, there was no IDW panel/presentation or Dealer Room table this year)

From left - Casey Coller (artist), Josh Bircham (colourist), Josh Perez (colourist), Robby Musso (artist).

Favourite projects...
Robby - Spotlight Ultra Magnus, which was his first official Transformers project.
Josh B - FunPub Comics and characters
Casey - Combiner Wars covers
Josh P - colouring the BotCon 2015 Script Reading images

Josh B, Josh P, Robby - all use various versions of Photoshop for colouring artwork.

Favourite characters..
Robby - Gen1 like Optimus, Megatron, Starscream.
Josh P - Bumblebee and anyone with fun shapes.
Josh B - Optimus.  Likes Faceplates for the challange of portraying emotion without a face.
Casey - Jazz.  Likes Faces for more personality.

Robby - Gen1 cartoon and JP Mecha styling.
Casey - Andy Wildman and Geoff Senior.

First official image Casey drew - Megatron holding Reflector.
Robby drew Spotlight Ultra Magnus cover before he saw the script as he was told to just draw an action shot for the advance solicitations.

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