(griffin's 2015 BotCon adventure)


The Custom Class was on Wednesday and Thursday, from 8am until 4pm (or earlier if you finished before then).
I was in the Thursday class this year, which was my third time doing the custom class, and I think it is a really great part of the Convention experience.

Just before it started, and people were still arriving.

The main host of the class, Shawn, giving the introductions.

The sample at the front of the room for us to follow.  We would get a plastic "book" that would be the Covenant of Primus and some stickers, to go with the toy.

Plus, we'd also be in the draw for a bonus accessory - the Dark Spark.  (I didn't win one)

After the class started.

Dispensor guarding my things.  We are given a booklet and are lent some tools.

The credits on the booklet.


The bio.

The bag of parts to begin with.

Each part is given a letter to help with the construction process.

The bonus stickers and a paint guide for the toy.  Just like model kits, some people paint as they construct it, while others (like me) build first and then paint it.


Where's my legs?

Completed... after 2 & 1/2 hours.

Transformed to make sure it works.  I didn't confirm it until later until I had the unpainted toy from the Club Store, but I was right in thinking that something was wrong as the cab didn't fold down far enough.  A small part in the middle that joins the chest to the waist was the wrong way around, which can't be fixed without removing two pins.  It is fine in robot mode, and that's how it is going to end up being displayed.

Besides, Dispensor seems to be okay with it as it is.

Another 2 & 1/2 hours later (1pm) I was finished painting it and applied stickers.  From a distance it might look okay, but up close it looks like a child coloured it in with crayons. :p

Confess your sins Dispensor!

Later when I got the unpainted one, I took some comparison photos in vehicle mode.



The unpainted version in vehicle mode (image from BotCon website).

Comparison of robot modes - my painted one and the unpainted version that could be purchased.


Lio Convoy - unpainted Galva Convoy - Nova Prime.

Nova Prime - Optimus/Orion - painted Galva Convoy - Lio Convoy.

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