(griffin's 2015 BotCon adventure)

- FRIDAY 19th JUNE - 10am - CLUB  MAGAZINE -

This panel is only for the Club Magazine part of the Club, but a number of questions ended up touching on other Club elements.  The full Club panel is on the next day.

Panel was just hosted by Pete Sinclair for most of it.

First up was a bit about the current year, year 11.

The most recent issue is #63, which was sent out as one of two random covers - Quickslinger or Breakneck.
If members wanting the other version, it was available for sale through the Club Store or at the Convention.

Contents of the magazine.

Including character profiles.

And a return of the Nexus Maximus, um, Nexus Prime team to the magazine comic.


The details of next year's comic story.


This year's BotCon comic is a stand-alone story.
It was written in a similar way to the Nexus Prime storyline, as a coming together of five different characters.
We were assured that it was NOT a rip-off of the Guardians of the Galaxy story, as they claim to have put this story together before seeing that movie.

It is amusing to see the name of the set named at "Cybertron's" instead of how the boxset is written as "Cybertron".
The version above makes more grammatical sense than what's on the box, and it matches the Kreo set which is called "Earth's most wanted".

Q&A now.

More Newsletter compilations coming? - 1 to 5 have been released (covering the first five years) and have joining covers that make up this year's BotCon litho poster.  Volumes 6-8 are coming, but won't have joining cover images like the first five.

The two Gen2 chase (autograph) cards for this years BotCon were apparently drawn by Gen1 artist Jose Delbo.

Withered Hope story sequel? - coming later.

Something vague was mentioned about Shattered Glass.  Something more is coming, maybe some more toys... but were told to see something revealed in the Magazine comic soon.

Who are the four Waspinator toys supposed to be coloured like?
- Yellow one is based on Buzzsaw and the SG Waspinator
- White one is based on Bugbite
- Black one is based on the unreleased Universe Halloween Waspinator.
- Red one is based on a Diaclone toy called Waruder

At this time Derrick Wyatt came up to the stage to talk about this year's Script Reading on Sunday, which is Animated themed.

Soon after, artist Josh Perez came up on stage as it was announced that there would be several slides of artwork screened during the Script Reading, drawn by Josh.

One was shown as a sneak peak.
It has Arcee, Sari and the Headmaster Juniors (Hosehead, Siren and Nightbeat).


The script was written by Marty Isenberg.

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