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Q&A with John Moschitta (Blurr) & Sue Blu (Arcee).

How is voice acting changed since the 1980s? - It was a lot harder back then, with all-day recording sessions.  Now they have 4 hour limits.

John is most known for his work voicing the Federal Express commercials, Micro Machines commercials, and Transformers Blurr.

Both worked under the direction of Wally Burr for Transformers, and said that he was very good at his job, and very determined.

Sue - wanted to go into Voice Directing, but very few women were in Voice Acting, and none were directing, until she got into it with the TMNT cartoon.   She was called up for it as a last resort because no one else wanted to do it, and she was told that it was only going to be a 5 episode show... but we saw how Turtles turned out, and it launched her career as a Voice Director.

John - Blurr was written for him, as he didn't audition for the part.  He was offered the part, and he accepted.


Someone in the audience gave her a "Gen1" Arcee toy, now that one has been produced since she was last a guest at BotCon.

Sue - was offered the job of Voice Director of Beast Wars because of her experience with the original series cartoon.

She used to act in actual movies before doing Voice work, with her last role being in the Friday the 13th Part 7 movie, in which her character was killed off... which she saw as fitting, as her live acting career was now over.

John - Sore throat's are really the only issue that Voice Actors have to worry about, and if all other things fail to help when you have a recording to do, the best remedy is apparently vaseline.

Sue demonstrated one of her voice warmup routines... a bit like an athlete needing to warm up before they perform on the field.

We got the usual "do your characters as if they are ordering food at a Drive Thru" bit again.
I uploaded a video of one bit from the panel that I liked... Blurr at the Drive-Thru, ordering a burger.

And the Garry Chalk "burping" story came up again.
(Sue needed someone to burp for an episode of Beast Wars, and Garry volunteered with a big drink of a cola drink... but with too much fizz too soon, his burp resulted in spraying the booth with cola.)

Asked how they ended up getting into Voice Acting...

Sue - is Dislexic and had a stutter as a child but really wanted to be an Actor, so went through speech therapy for many years.

John - when he was 12 he entered a talent competition that required people to attempt to break a world record, and he chose fast-talking, so he spent a couple weeks practicing and even though he won he didn't think anything would come of it, so he didn't do anything more with it.  It wasn't until 1980 on a Thanksgiving variety TV show that he did the routine again, and then the offers flooded in, from big name TV shows and voice roles.


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