(griffin's 2015 BotCon adventure)


WAVE 1-3 GENERATIONS (Combiner Wars)

These were actually split over two display cases on the Friday, but when they put out the next three waves on Saturday, it makes more sense to group the waves together for the Generations toys.

(quite a few of my photos were washed out this year, as my camera seemed to be dying... after just 2 years old... and I didn't notice until I went through them after the Convention ended.)

Leader Class Thundercracker & Ultra Magnus.

Aerialbots & Superion.

Stunticons & Menasor.

Random merchandise (there was a lot of this in the bottom of the shelves this year, as the amount of toys and display cases was a lot less than previous years)


Protectobots & Defensor.


Wave 3 Cyclonus, Viper and Galvatronus.

More random licensed merchandise to fill space this year.

The rearranged shelf on Saturday with Wave 2 & 3 toys.

Hasbro Display 1 (Wave 1-3 Generations)
Hasbro Display 2 (Wave 4-6 Generations)
Hasbro Display 3 (Devastator & SDCC Exclusives)
Hasbro Display 4 (Robots In Disguise Legion, Warrior, 1-Step, 3-Step)
Hasbro Display 5 (Robots In Disguise Deployer & Minicons, Rescue Bots)
Hasbro Display 6 (Kre-O)

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***All pictures in this convention report are mine unless noted. Any that are borrowed, have the source credited/noted.  If you want to use/borrow any of my photos, please credit the source as well. I try to take as many of my own photos as possible, and usually only resort to using others if I failed to get something, or my photo wasn't clear enough.

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