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This is the presentation that deals with contemporary Transformers art projects from Japan, which we had a similar panel last year.

Hosted by...

From left - Hayato, Andrew, Jim.

They started off with some samples of some Japanese artists who have worked on various Transformers projects in recent years.


Hirofumi worked on the Linkage artwork (Micron Legend), and Beast Wars Reborn.

Yamaishi worked on some recent Windblade comic art colouring (Combiner Wars).


Hayato then detailed the projects he has done for Transformers, which includes working on the current IDW More Than Meets The Eye comic.

First up though, was his work on the very brief Cloud series of toys, in which he submitted a number of proposed ideas.
I think the final 8 redeco toys probably resulted from one of his submissions... including Rodimus.

Some of the proposals that didn't make it for Cloud.
This first one was going to include Shattered Glass redecos, and mostly TFPrime/Arms Micron moulds.

This proposal was closest to what ended up becoming Cloud.  It was called "TF Part 1", as the name "Part 1" is the name of the company that owns Ehobby (who would end up with half of the Cloud exclusives).

The third proposal was more along the lines of Brave Masters, using a number of Movie moulds that weren't in the movies.

The next segment was showing us some character designs he did for the IDW MTMTE DJD (Decepticon Justice Division) and other Japanese Gen1 inspired characters padding out the issues he was drawing.  He said that he had to include Deathsaurus and some other Victory characters, but was free to include other Japanese Gen1 characters... which he included a number of proposed toys that didn't make it into Japan.
In addition to showing us some of the original concept art for those unreleased toys, they also showed us some concept artwork of the different modes and full turn-arounds of the DJD characters.
As such, we weren't allowed to take photos... so I'll have to be a bit descriptive of this bit.

(names were just their descriptive names, not actual names if they were released back then)
- Bikecross - the Pretender Vroom, as a Decepticon in new colours, which would have been the third of three Mega Pretenders (Blue Bacchus and Black Shadow from Crossblades and Thunderwing)
- Great Six - a purple redeco of Greatshot (Hasbro's Sixshot) with more parts added or changed.
- Strike Soldier - an early concept design for Liokaiser.
- another Liokaiser member, but not likely to be Deathcobra - a toy that looked a little like Hawk, with a Rhino chest and a Helicopter alt-mode.
- Thunderarrow (the base for the Micromaster Skystalker) - with a third mode as a robot.
- Prowl and other Car Robots (1984 Autobot cars), re-released with add-on parts or accessories for the Victory series.

They also showed us the original artwork for a scene that I think they said was Issue #39 of MTMTE (I don't have it yet, so wasn't able to find out), that they had to change because it was too blood-thirsty. (a scene that had someone having their spark removed by the DJD, but it was originally going to be sucked out of them through their mouth - when I get the issue later, I'll post up a scan of how the scene ended up in print)

Back to current items, which meant grabbing out the camera again.

Hayato also worked on art for the current Japanese Legends toys (Generations) and Adventure (Robots In Disguise).

They said that some of their art has been rejected in the past for being too sexy, but seeing what has been accepted (like the eroticly drawn bots below), I can't imagine how much worse some of their art has been.  (well, we had Kissplay a few years back, so maybe more of that had been creeping back into current Japanese character and comic art)



He mentioned that he submitted a premise for the Legends toys to be in a story of Transformers characters who were Transformers fans, and Transformers are appearing from other worlds. I think it was rejected for being just too bizarre to comprehend.

He also did some art for the Collector Club too - comics and character art.




Some Gobot redecos of Combiner Wars toys that I'm not sure who they were submitted to, or why.
One of the Deluxe Aerialbots as Leader One, and Voyager Optimus as Staks.



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