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Today's events on this page...

8.00am - wake up
9.30am - Dealer Room & Club Store (GRAND BALLROOM)
10-5pm - Panel Room (Cochran/Addition, Rivue Tower)
- PANEL - 10am - Venus Terzo Q&A
- PANEL - 11am - Hasbro Product preview
- PANEL - Noon - Gregg Berger Q&A
- PANEL - 1pm - Transformers Cosplay with Rosemary Ward
- PANEL - 2pm - Aaron Archer Q&A
- PANEL - 3pm - Transformers Collectors’ Club Roundtable
- PANEL - 4pm - Judd Nelson Q&A
4.50pm - last minutes in the Dealer Room before it closes at 5pm.
Return to room
7pm - leave for Casino Night, Awards Dinner & Auction
7.30pm - Casino night starts (KICC Cascade Ballroom)
11.30pm - return to room when Auction ends
3.00am - sleep
Night 4 at Louisville


8am - we woke up to a rare site.... blue sky.  The first since I arrived on Wednesday.

At about 9.20pm I headed over to the Dealer Room.  It opened up at 8.30am but I didn't need to do much before the 10am start of the first panel.
I was more interested in finding Tim and Kenan before I sat down in the Panel Room for the next 3 hours.

When I got over to the other tower, the VIP session was currently in progress.

Judd Nelson, still with the beanie, blue shirt and overcoat.

While Pete was running around organising things, particularly with Judd Nelson, I asked him if he was still interested in some BotCon photos from my archive.
A couple of weeks ago I had emailed Karl to see if he was on the BotCon reflections panel, and he said that Pete was doing it. So I emailed him to offer him access to my tens of thousands of BotCon photos if he wanted to do a scrolling slide-show of random photos (like the Rescue Bots panel a couple of years ago).  He said that it would be a good idea, but only if he had time to look at them, and only if his presentation ended up making it possible, as he was going to be talking about his own photos first.
So by the time BotCon came around, I didn't hear anything back about it, so I went up to him this morning and said that if he was still interested, lend me a USB stick and I could put some images onto it.  He said that that would be a good idea, and that he would get back to me later today when he wasn't so busy.  (I didn't get to speak to him again until the next morning)

Quickly stopping by the Club Store I saw that the two of the toys were now sold out, before the walk-ins even had a chance.  Megatron wasn't a surprise, but I didn't think Airazor would have sold out yet, as it looks nothing like Airazor and is really bad mould, even compared to other 2014 Generations toys.  Both toys were produced in really small numbers this year, so they were expected to sell out.  It's just a shame that they cut back the numbers so far that Megatron ended up being scalper bait and selling on ebay for $500-800 in the weeks that followed.
The rubber duck and Magnaboss stickers had also sold out, in addition to the Custom Class toy that sold out on Friday.

I ducked into the dealer room to see what it was like first thing this morning, and take some more photos.  I got a text message from Kenan to say that he was currently queued up in the walk-in line, and since it was about 9.50am, I headed back towards the Panel Room in the other tower and try to find him in the queue on the way.  Plus, try to keep an eye out for Tim as well.

The $25 Walk-in (General Admission) queue.  A $60 ticket would get them in an hour earlier.


As I had expected, I found Kenan in the line... or, he actually found me, as I almost missed him.
We had a quick chat to say where I was off to, and what he was doing, and I kept walking (I didn't want to be late to the first Panel).

Then, before I got any further, I saw Tim, and we spoke for a couple of minutes, but both of us were going in different directions, so we promised to meet up again later.

After those two distractions, I got to the Panel Room a couple of minutes past 10am, and naturally (like last year), the one panel I was late to, was the only one this year that started on time.  As such, I missed out on a front row seat for the first panel, but a seat opened up for the Hasbro panel.

10am - PANEL - Venus Terzo (Cochran/Addition, Rivue Tower)
11am - PANEL - Hasbro Products
Noon - PANEL - Gregg Berger
1pm - PANEL - Transformers Cosplay & Costumes with Rosemary Ward

I was in there for the first three Panels, then during the Cosplay panel I went up to my room to grab the spare camera battery off the charger, and then to the Dealer Room to photograph the new toys added to the Hasbro display after their Panel... then heading back to the Panel Room for the final three panels until the last one finished at about 4.45pm.
(it was a waste of my time going to my room for the camera battery, as the one that was in the camera ran out during the Club Panel, and the spare I grabbed off the charger failed to recharge, leaving me with my phone's camera for the last 20 minutes of that panel and the entire Judd Nelson panel)

2pm - PANEL - Aaron Archer
3pm - PANEL - Transformers Collectors’ Club
4pm - PANEL - Judd Nelson

Outside the panel room after the Judd Nelson panel, I caught up with Tim again, and talked to him for about 15 minutes until another couple of friends of his that he was waiting for appeared, and they had to go off together.

I headed over to the Dealer Room area again even though it was now just after 5pm, because I wanted to track down Pete for the USB stick.  I wasn't able to find him, but did find Benson Yee, and we wandered back to the Rivue Tower, chatting about various things.
We both had to get ready for the Awards Dinner that was on in two hours time, so we parted ways at about 5.30pm and I went up to my room to freshen up and get ready.

Amazingly it was still blue sky in the early afternoon... so it was worth taking another photo, being so rare (it would return to overcast and rain for the last two days I was in Louisville).
This was taken at about 1.30pm when I went up to my room briefly.

At about 7pm, Andy and I were ready, and we left so that we could get there early in case there was a pre-dinner reception like some previous years.  (there wasn't)

7.30pm - Awards Dinner, Hall of Fame part 2, Casino night & Charity Auction (KICC Cascade Ballroom)

We both stayed until the end, and we were back at the room a little after 11.30pm.

As usual, Andy was asleep about an hour or two before me, as I would have to spend some time checking the messageboard and processing photos, as well as trying to post up as much as I could about the Convention.
(I would turn off all the lights so that he could sleep, and just work on my computer while in bed)

(this photo was taken at about 3am, just before I went to sleep)

I ended up getting to sleep at around 3am.

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