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David Kaye (Megatron) & Venus Terzo (Blackarachnia)

David Kaye is only here on the Friday, because he had a family commitment to fly out to in the evening... so his panel and Script Reading had to be on the Friday.
(there was a baby crying the entire time during this panel... which is on my audio recording, and even David commented amusingly about it)

The pair reflected on their first BotCon in 1997, some 19 years ago now... and Venus still looks the same.
It was noted that they were the first guests at a BotCon (the first three years didn't have anyone other than Hasbro), and could possibly be the last guests at a BotCon (if this year is indeed the last BotCon).

David Kaye now has the most appearances at BotCon of any guest at nine... which is more than most of the attendees this year.

David's previous BotCons were - 1997, 1998, (Official Convention 2003), 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2014
Venus' previous BotCons were - 1997, 2000.

There were comments about other Beast Wars voice actors, like the Chalkster (Gary Chalk), Scott McNeil, Jim Byrnes, Don Brown, David Sobolov and Alec Willows... and the hijinx they would get up to at the recording sessions, and imitating each other.

Alec had some heart issues a few years ago.
They haven't seen Scott McNeill for years, and was looking forward to meeting up with him at BotCon this year (Scott had to cancel late).

They mentioned that their Beast Wars character voices came from the descriptions and artwork given to them when they auditioned.  And working with Susan Blu (Voice Director) really helped get the best out of them.
When they first saw the CG rendering of Beast Wars they were amazed, but never expected it to become anything important to anyone, until a couple years later when they attended BotCon and saw all the fans who loved their work.

Venus talked about here work on Ranma, and David Kaye was surprised because he was on it as well (it was recorded individually, so the voice actors would never meet others while recording).

David told us that as of two months ago, he became a US citizen. (he used to be Canadian)

We had the usual question asking how to get into voice acting.
The best advice given was to do your own voice, because if you get the job with a really tough voice, you have to keep doing it a lot.

They told us that the Voice Actor work in Canada has completely dried up now, and that the Pinewood studios that they recorded Beast Wars in, back in the 1990s, is now gone... with condos (apartments) in their place.

They have some creative input for their characters when recording, but not a lot.  And only with prelay/pre-recording, not ADR/post-recording (dubbing).
No one likes ADR... as it requires a lot of careful timing, and focusing on the screen instead of their script.

Near the end of the panel they were doing some of their voices, like what they would have on their phones when not taking calls, and if their characters were going on a date.

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