(griffin's 2016 BotCon adventure from Australia)


I did this on the Thursday.

I arrived at the room at 7.45am and it was already over half full.  I selected a seat and waited for the class to start.
It was the first time I was doing the Custom Class without someone I knew with me.

There were a number of people wearing bright green t-shirts with something on the front that I couldn't work out.  I think they might have been TFW people, making a point about about not being allowed to promote anything non-BotCon, by promoting something that doesn't exist.  I couldn't find anything online about what it was about, so can only guess.

Up the back of the room we were shown five different options this year, which was the most ever for a Custom Class.  Some previous years we had two options, but this was five. (actually six if you go by the stickers on offer)

From left - Gen1 cartoon Ratchet (with Gen2 sticker option), Gen1 comic Ratchet, Gen2 Ratchet, Shattered Glass Ratchet, Rescue Bots Medix.

We would be given two different sticker sheets of our choice, and I chose the Gen1 Ratchet and Rescue Bots Medix.
On the Gen1 Ratchet sticker sheet there was a Gen2 sticker included, which allows for two versions of Gen2 Ratchet - one that is just the same as the Gen1 toy (like Gen2 Inferno), or one that has all different colour apps (like Gen2 Jazz).  There was also an Animated Ratchet hood sticker on that sheet as well, which would actually give you a seventh option.







The parts guide, tools and booklet.

The bios in the booklet.




The parts all set out.  The parts were in pairs so we had to separate them up between two people.  The person next to me took half and handed me mine, while I handed off his... but I ended up with a missing part and two of the same face.  Fortunately the people running the class had some spares, otherwise I wouldn't have had a Medix head, or a complete weapon.

After the arms and legs were built... with Dispensor watching on to make sure that the new bot was being constructed properly, but he wandered off during a critical step, and I made a mistake on the last step.

All the major parts assembled, just needing to be painted and attached to all the ball joints.

In the middle of painting my toy, Dispensor was given a Japanese Kitkat from Andrew Hall who came in late with a friend from Japan and sat down next to us.

A couple hours in, just before I left at about 12.30pm.

The toy that I had built and painted, and missed a step during construction that resulted in the front half of the vehicle left off, so it can't do a proper vehicle mode.  I was able to fix it when I got home, so the hood is now attached and can transform properly.  (No stickers on it yet at this stage.)

The two sticker sheets I got - Gen1 Ratchet and Rescue Bots Medix.

This was an added bonus item that I think was made by some Japanese fans, but is not official or authorised - the Enigma of Combination - from the IDW comics.

After I put the stickers on the assembled toy that I got on Wednesday night and the one I built on Thursday morning.  I gave the Medix head to the assembled toy, and since it has quite a few stickers, it looks quite good with just the head painted (which I did at the Custom Class).



I put the stickers on the toys on Sunday night, but was left with three stickers that weren't noted on any of the guides or displays in the Custom Class (the three black stickers in the middle of the Gen1 Ratchet sheet).

I had a suspicion that those three black stickers were related to the toy face of Gen1 Ratchet (the one in the windshield of the toy, and was an Easter Egg of the Masterpiece Ironhide toy)... but I couldn't figure out where they go on the toy.
Andy was able to figure it out and showed me where they go, giving the toy an alternate head (like the Beast Wars Beast Heads).

To me, the square angry head makes me think of the robots from Futurama.  It ends up being a bonus Easter Egg for the Custom Class Ratchet toy.

Comparison photos.

Ratchet - Hasbro G1, BotCon 2016, BotCon 2005, Hasbro 2009 Universe.

Medix - First year Rescue Bot, BotCon, Fourth year Rescue Bot.

Vehicle mode - First year Rescue Bots Medix, Fourth year Rescue Bots Medix, BotCon Medix, BotCon Ratchet, CW First Aid.  BotCon Medix ends up having enough colour on it with just the stickers.

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