(griffin's 2016 BotCon adventure from Australia)


Hosted by Jesse Wittenrich (who came in later) and Pete Sinclair.

The Slideshow was incomplete, as there were some slides missing or had glitches, so the full slideshow might be posted online (maybe).


We started with a rundown of the general format of the magazine.  (Cover image was missing)


Profile artwork is done by Marcelo Matere from Hasbro.

(supposed to have artwork by Dan on this slide)


Issue 69 will have big reveals, while issue 72 wraps up everything. (the next issue to be released is 68 for April/May - to be shipped out after BotCon so that it's contents didn't spoil the reveals at the Club panel tomorrow)

Gaea is the sister of Primus and Unicron.
Gaea transported all six billion humans to another planet (with some Pretenders) before transforming.
The story takes place five years after "Another Light".

And the bad news....



The relationship with IDW was finally made official this year after several years of close collaboration and useage of their artists, and was to be an ongoing partnership, but will now only last for one year thanks to the sudden end of FunPublications' licences.

There are two covers to the BotCon comic this year, with this being the one sold at the Club Store...

The Paradron Medic toy from the fifth Subscription series has been given the name "Lifeline".

John-Paul Bove (writer of the BotCon comic this year) was supposed to be at the Convention on this panel, but last minute issues prevented him from leaving the UK to get to BotCon... so we had a live skype chat with him instead..


The story was to cover the event that we all knew about from the Beast Wars cartoon, but was never actually seen before.
He didn't want to re-write anything already officially in Beast Wars, so it should work with what is officially known.
Including the mass downsizing, which occurs after this story, as we are shown it happening at the end of the comic.

The Script Reading later today will follow on from the events of the comic and feature the downsizing concept.

They had planned to do a more expansive story, spanning more of the time between Gen1 Season 4 and Beast Wars, but had to cut it back when they found out that there would be no more BotCons or Club comics beyond this year.
It was noted that Pretender technology and Micromasters were the seeds to downsizing, with the gimmick of Transmatter thrown in.

On the question of why Tarantulas is sporting a colour scheme similar to his later Transmetal form instead of his initial Beast Wars (brownish) form - he noted that the BotCon toys came first and he had to work with it, so he tried to explain it as being like them having a number of genetic templates that allows them to remake (or reformat) back to older forms.

John being funny, by looking in the direction of the stage when one of the people asked them a question instead of him.

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