(griffin's 2016 BotCon adventure from Australia)


The Cosplay & Costumes panel has been a regulare event of BotCon since 2009, and in all that time, I haven't managed to sit through one.  It was always the non-news panel that would be the first to sacrifice if I had to take photos or return to my room for something.... and this year was the same unfortunately, as I had been promising myself for years to sit through one of these.
I've caught enough bits and pieces of these panels over the years to know what they are about (costuming tips and having cosplayers tell the audience how they made their costumes), but it was just a shame that I didn't get to sit through a whole one.  Especially since it was one of the few fan-run elements of BotCon that had been done at several BotCons.
I think the MSTF would have been the only fan-run thing done more times, and it was a shame and a surprise to not see it, or those three-four people who usually do it (Dlin, Willis, Troop, Sepelak), at this last BotCon.

As the people were finally leaving from the Gregg Berger panel, a number of costumed people started filing into the room.


I left at this point, just before the panel started, to go up to my room to change out my camera battery and then go to the Hasbro exhibit to take photos of the new toys in the display cases.

Since the entrance to the panel room was at the elevators that service the tower that had my hotel room, when I came down from my room to head over to the dealer room (at about 1.30pm) I quickly ducked in to take some more photos of the panel... which they were talking to each of the people up the front in their costumes and then getting a vote on the best costumes this year (just the ones in the Panel Room, as I found better ones walking around the Dealer Room area a few minutes later).

The winner was the giant Ultra Magnus.
Second place was the mini Fortress Maximus (on the right).
And third place was the Optimus on the right.


Later in the day I saw the Ultra Magnus costume on a bench near the Panel Room...

Back to the Panel Room at 1.55pm, the panel was now over, but there were still some people in costumes lingering around while we waited for the Aaron Archer panel to begin.

For a look at all the Costumes I found this year around the Convention, go to the Art Contest & Costumes page here.

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***All pictures in this convention report are mine unless noted. Any that are borrowed, have the source credited/noted.  If you want to use/borrow any of my photos, please credit the source as well. I try to take as many of my own photos as possible, and usually only resort to using others if I failed to get something, or my photo wasn't clear enough.

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