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The Hall of Fame awards this year was split up into two parts - Friday for the two human inductees (Judd Nelson, David Kaye), and Saturday for the fan-voted inductees.

The Friday ceremony was an odd event, as it was done in a public place away from the Convention, and was inducting someone (Nelson) that wasn't very iconic to the Brand, but was probably being inducted more for Hasbro's marketing potential of having him in the Hall of Fame (not that he's done anything significant or famous since 1986).
It was similar to having Steven Spielberg inducted in 2011 just for the name to market, but at least Spielberg was the catalyst for the recent popularity of Transformers, by backing the 2007 Movie and convincing Michael Bay to direct it.  Having Judd Nelson as one of the few select humans inducted just cheapened the whole concept... as much as it would cheapen the robot side of the Hall of Fame by including an obscure, little known character, like, say, Dispensor.
(I'm gonna get into trouble for saying that...)

I imagine that since David Kaye was supposed to be leaving that night (he was only available on the Friday this year), they had to have his HOF award given to him tonight, instead of with the rest on Saturday, so this Friday night awards ceremony was probably a late addition, or known as soon as he was signed up as a guest this year.  A pity though, as the Saturday Awards dinner should have had the entire HOF presentation, and in a more serious setting that had more of the fans in attendance.

This Friday night event was held at the 4th Street Live precinct, four blocks south of the Hotel, at the same venue as the 8.30pm Concert later in the evening.

Fans from the convention who were staying at the Galt House Hotel had to make their way down there before 8pm, but I was already there for the Golden Ticket dinner in the nearby Tavern on 4th Street, but missed the actual presentations because I was busy eating dinner with a group of other fans.
A massive thankyou to Benson Yee, for giving me permission to use images he took, and his video of the whole ceremony looks to be the only complete one online (that I could find), so this page would be rather empty without it's contents.

The stage that would have the awards presentations, and concert later.

Just on 8pm the awards presentation started.  (all photos here are from photos or video at BWTF - used with permission)

The presentation started with Hasbro's Mark Weber (manager of Global Brand developement) welcoming everyone.  (Vince DiCola was on stage to the right, preparing for the concert later)

He mentions that Transformers is more than just robot toys... it is about the story, imagination, and creativity by many of the people who are already in the Hall of Fame.

To announce the first recipient, he took us back to 1986, noting some of the TV shows, Music and Movies of that year.

Transformers was in its third year, and now hit Hollywood, with a feature Movie, starring big names like Leonard Nimoy, Robert Stack, Eric Idle, and Orson Welles.

Talking about the death of Optimus Prime, and how it led to a new younger character (Hot Rod) to take on leader and hero characteristics... and the movie producers took a chance on a similarly new young actor for the part - 26 year old Judd Nelson, from the recent movie "The Breakfast Club".

On the 30th anniversary of the Movie, the new inductee for the Transformers Hall of Fame - Judd Nelson.
He got up on stage, said thankyou to the people of Louisville, that it was an honour to be here, and thankyou for making Transformers Great... and then left the stage.  Very brief, so even he didn't seem to think much of his inclusion to the Hall of Fame.  (he would actually give a longer thankyou speech at the Saturday dinner)

After a few murmers from the crowd about how brief he was on stage with his speech, Mark returned to introduce the second inductee... a person who is responsible for a large cast of characters, and of the same league of iconic Peter Cullen and Frank Welker.
First appearing in 1996 for Transformers with Beast Wars, voicing Megatron, David Kaye would take on the challenge of creating a new Megatron for a new generation of kids.
Following that was Beast Machines, Armada, Energon, Cybertron, Animated, TFPrime, and Robots In Disguise 2015. (every series since Beast Wars except the 2001 RID cartoon)
This gave David Kaye the unique position of being the only voice actor (so far) to voice an Optimus and Megatron character from Transformers.


When he got up on stage to collect his trophy, he gave us more of a speech than Judd Nelson, and even said a few thankyous with some of his character voices - TFPrime Hardshell, Animated Optimus and BW Megatron.

Mark then wrapped up the presentation by reminding the fans to visit their exhibit at the Convention, as well as their panel, and that there would be more inductees to be announced tomorrow night.
It was all over in just on 10 minutes.

These are a couple of my photos that I took a little later when David and Judd joined us at the Golden Ticket dinner, showing off their trophies.


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