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This was similar to last year's Frank Welker panel, with a similar question format, and a third category of audience members (VIP) to be accomodated.  The room was cleared of all people at the end of the last panel, and then the first people allowed in were the VIP Golden Ticket people (which is fair, as last year they let all of the Golden Ticket people in first, and the VIP Golden Ticket people were paying an extra amount just to be treated equally and not get the very front row).  As such, when the regular GT people were let in (included me), I ended up in the third row, so had people's heads in the bottom of my photos. (and I wasn't able to get a clear focussed photo of Judd Nelson either, but it didn't seem to matter, as you couldn't see much of his face behind the beard and beanie anyway)
Next to be let in were the regular VIP people, followed by everyone else.

I looked around after everyone was in and there was a lot of empty seats.  As great as it was to have been in the presence of someone like Judd Nelson (who despite doing a lot of work since his role in the Breakfast Club in 1985, hasn't done anything really famous since then), someone severely over-estimated the interest/value potential of this guest.  It probably seemed like a good idea at the time, but in hindsight, he just hasn't done enough in Transformers, or as a celebrity, to draw in a huge crowd (or earn a coveted spot in the Transformers Hall of Fame).

The tables on the stage were removed, and a pair of seats were left, for the format of Frank Todaro to ask all the questions... which were collected in the five minutes before Judd came in, from half just a dozen fans sitting near the side door that Judd was going to come through.  Because of that rushed nature and small collection pool, there weren't many quality questions, and some were really dumb (like, what his favourite pizza is).

At 4.13pm Judd Nelson was finally announced and entered, and it looke like he was wearing the same clothes as yesterday... with a beanie now.

The 1986 Transformers Movie was his first role as a Voice Actor.  He had mostly been doing stage work before that.
He talked about Orson Welles not wanting to work with anyone, and heard that he told the director (would be Wally Burr) that he would only read lines three times, would not be directed, and would move on.
Judd loved working with the big names brought in for the 1986 Movie, and working with Susan Blu, who he's worked with since then (she is a Voice Director now).
He's since been doing a fair bit of VA work, and enjoys doing it, because they can keep redoing it until it is right (unlike a stage production that has to be right on the night).
He's worked on Ben 10 doing a few roles, as well as reprising the role of Rodimus in the Animated cartoon series.

Best known for his roles on the Movie The Breakfast Club, and TV series Suddenly Susan (which he loved doing).

The favourite actor he's worked with is John Hurt. (he played the War Doctor)

He doesn't have any toys of himself (the question meant Hot Rod).

He's amazed that Transformers is still a thing 30 years later, with conventions, and is fascinated by the concept of change, not just in their forms, but the characters in the stories.

What attracts him to a role - can be anything.  Could be the role, the script, the location... one time it was a role in Australia, and he just wanted to go there so agreed to do the role without even looking at it.  But mostly would prefer to be a minor role in a great movie, than get a great role in a poor movie/story.

Apparently Sue Blu had a crush on him during the 1986 Movie recording, which he didn't know until now.

Recent two films he's worked on (that are yet to be released) - Kreep and Stagecoach.

If he could be anyone or anything - Mathew Brady, a civil war photographer who was able to travel around both sides and capture the reality of war.

The favourite role he's done - Marty Matt from the 1991 movie The Dark Backward.

Had a childhood crush on Sofia Loren and Raquel Welch.

Likes doing stage productions, to work with others and play off each other.

Childhood favourite shows - Rocky & Bullwinkle, Speedracer and other weird cartoons.... and marijuana helped with watching them.

Favourite Voice Actor when doing the 1986 Transformers Movie - Lionel Stander (Kup). (he would have spent a lot of time recording with Lionel since their two characters spent a fair bit of time together)
Judd noted that one of the fun things about recording the Transformers Movie, was between recording lines, some of the other Voice Actors in the room would just casually break into doing a few lines of other non-Transformers characters, and he was recognising ones from his own childhood. (a bit like how awesome it is for us fans to hear the Voice Actors saying lines LIVE, in their Transformers character voices)

His favourite pizza is plain cheese or pepperoni... but can't understand pineapple on pizza.

The panel ended just 32 minutes after it started (late), and was the last panel of the day.

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