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- PANEL - FRIDAY  8th  APRIL  10am - STAN  &  VINCE -

Stan Bush & Vince DiCola, with Kenny Meriedeth.

Kenny works with Vince on current projects like Angry Birds Transformers game (and would perform with Vince on stage at the concert tonight).

Stan first worked with Vince in 1985 while writing "The Touch" for the 1986 Transformers movie.
He was inspired by a Louis Gossett Jr movie at the time, which had a line in it, "hey kid, you've got the touch". The song has the message of believing in yourself.
The song was written before the movie was produced/drawn (for his album called Barrage), and was originally pitching it for the Silvester Stallone movie "Cobra", but he's now happy that it was instead picked up for the Transformers movie.
Stan said that he's never met Mark Wahlberg, but thought the movie Boogie Nights (with his song in it) was hilarious.
Apparently the song is also in the TV show "Chuck".

(I didn't realise it, but Vince DiCola actually wrote the song "Dare", so isn't just a music writer, but has also done lyrics.)

Both Stan and Vince noted that their involvement with the 1986 Transformers Movie is like a gift that keeps on giving, as they have been able to get a number of jobs since then because of it.
They thanked the fandom for that, and reflected on their first BotCon in 1997, as their first contact with the fandom, almost 20 years ago now... still amazed at how massive the response was to their concert and panel that year with hundreds of people queued up just for them.

Vince noted that when he (and Kenny) was asked to do the Angry Birds game soundtrack, he was pretty much given free reign but just had to make it sound very 80s.

Vince composed the music score for the 1986 Transformers movie from the Storyboards, but had no experience at doing that sort of thing, so he lied when he was asked before he got the job.  He noted that a lot of his music (which he wrote for specific scenes on the storyboards) was moved around by the music editor, but he still liked how it turned out.

He had some of the songs beforehand too, so that he could write lead-in music to them if necessary, or reprisals, and to make sure the surrounding tempo matched.

Stan had songs featured on the movies Kickboxer and Bloodsport, while Vince had music done for Rocky 4.
Stan had also done a number of commercial songs as well at that time.

Their original music inspirations...
Stan - the Beatles when he was 10, and his older brother gave him a guitar.
Vince - Keith Emerson (who only just died last month). He went to his first rock concert with his brother when he was 14 to see Emerson, and later met with him and handed him some of his music, who Keith actually chased him up later to compliment him on his work.

Vince noted that he isn't really into following modern music too much (he still respects it and all eras of music, for him and Kenny to provide different styles of music for their clients), but is more into the quality of "classic" era music of the 70s & 80s.

Vince talks about preferring the old style of recording and producing music together in a recording room, to feed off the energy of each other, rather than parts being recorded separately and sent in online and put together later.

Stan's first record was in 1979, while his second record (Barrage) was in 1986 with his Transformers songs.

Currently, Stan does various live gigs around LA, while Vince has put together a band but is yet to feature it.  They actually live within a few miles from each other in LA and keep in touch, but don't do anything creatively together.  (these BotCon performances are probably the only times since the 1986 movie that they've ever worked together)

They remind us about the Concert tonight at 4th Street Live, and mention that Vince will be performing his new Transformers Tribute medley tonight, a tribute to the 1986 Movie score done in a style as if it was originally done today instead of in the 1980s.
They will also be selling 100 copies of the recently released, limited edition vinyl copy of the 1986 Transformers Movie at the Concert.
Vince will also be selling his newly released CD "Of Two Minds" at the concert that will contain several Transformers pieces of music, and have a cover done by Andrew Wildman (Transformers artist from the 80s).

Just like all rockers, they have their groupies too...

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